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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Amsterdam.

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ID 226035

Thijs Goos

Founder @fashiolista

ID 575903

Gaby Leon van Wijk

Worked at @tomtom-international, @landor-associates • Studied at @universidad-catolica-andres-bello, @school-of-the-art-institute-of-chicago

ID 16834

Barrie James Robinson

Founder of Clip. Clip simplifies the creation of rich media channels for unique experience-driven brands. Clip is creative, collaborative and experiential.

ID 628778

Amy Purifoy

Worked at @olive, @ischoolmusic and @fund-music-ed. Artist and Creative.

ID 392363

Manuel Gonzalez Garcia

Founder @radical-graphics-studios

ID 6958

Dustin Bryant

UX/UI Designer

ID 857010

Robbert Schep

ID 651353

Jeroen Gouw

We design and develop brand experiences and digital products that matter. Our solutions are always relevant, human-friendly, memorable
 and above all simple.

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