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ID 56345

Dag Ainsoo


Founder & CFO @smart-ad-1, @monolith-1; angel investor; finance professional; previously @pwc-1 in Silicon Valley; based in Estonia

ID 311257

Loek Derks


Early stage investor / tech entrepreneur

ID 30828

Peter Boermans


Co-founder of @olery. Strong background in interaction design and usability. First startup while in high school. Attended the Rotterdam School of Management.

ID 6497

Renato Valdés Olmos

Co-founder at @human. Previously Co-founder at @cardcloud (acquired 2012). MA Interaction Design. Runner. Ex-fat kid.

ID 56699

Michiel Verberg

Founder & CEO at @whatser

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 8797

Jonathan Nelson


Hacking Silicon Valley. Founder @hackers_and_founders

ID 63024

Raj Ramanandi


Angel investor in early stage tech startups around the world, based in London. CEO of @1seed - investing, mentoring, building bridges.

ID 11307

Michael Kinsbergen


CEO AFC Ajax. Fmr CEO @nedstat (now part of @comscore)

ID 628363

Steven Schuurman

Founder @springsource, @elasticsearch • Worked at @sogyo

ID 310967

Cok Mudde


Founder (and seller) of it contracting and software development companies in north western europe since 1985. Investor in start ups since 2011. Based near Amsterdam.

ID 308048

Paulo Taylor

Research & Innovation, Co-Founder of @ebuddy, founder of @phonnix

ID 16530

Wouter Kneepkens


Co-founder @sntmnt. Formerly founded (closure) & Share a Bite (exit). Background in finance (UBS). INSEAD MBA alumnus.

ID 1330

Paul Veugen

Co-founder @human. Founded @usabilla. Product guy, designer, and data junky. Avid cyclist.

ID 68587

Dominiek ter Heide

CTO & Co-founder of @bottlenose. Created web products, companies and development teams in Japan, Europe and US. Comp sci background. #machinelearning #bigdata

ID 37388

Melinda Jacobs

Founder & CEO @clustrat . Managing Partner @subatomicnl . User Experience Designer . Entrepreneur . Academic . Gamer

ID 628364

Shay Banon

Founder @elasticsearch, @compass-open-source-project • Worked at @valtech, @ubs • Studied at @technion-machon-technologi-le-israel

ID 15130

Jesse Sandoval


Co-President @stanfordangels1 CEO in Healthcare 2.0. Experience in Life Science. Gov 2.0. Stanford Grad. Seed Investor.

ID 125593

Nicolas Voisin

Founder @the-assets the Business Assets Marketplace - Former Founder & CEO @tactilize, @owni, VP @CNNum, (...)

ID 147462

Sebastiaan Hooft


Founder @petminds, @venturespace • Investor @spire-global

ID 46189

Kim Van Den Wijngaard

CEO of @olery. Various legal and business accomplishments while being a lawyer and consultant in top notch firms. Known for always pushing boundaries.

ID 59969

Danny de Wit


CEO & Founder @tolq, @exvo • Dutch native that loves the Valley tech life.

ID 5614

Oguz Serdar

Co-founder of @limk. Self taught, full-stack developer since he was 14. Formerly writer for @the-next-web. Judge @startupchile. @rockstart alumni.

ID 160917

Don Ritzen


Co-founder&Managing director @rockstartaccel. Startup Weekend EU Facilitator, co-founder SW Amsterdam,Eindhoven&Utrecht.Organiser Lean Startup Circle Amsterdam.

ID 54275

Jonathan Lee

Leading New BizDev at | Dealmaker, strategist, technology enthusiast | Founded and sold a start-up while at Duke MBA

ID 48402

Andrey Horsev


CEO of @908 Inc. Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, networker, bootstrapper!

ID 167561

Rob Draaijer

Head of Growth @3d-hubs. Co-founded @zazzy and worked @ebuddy. 3D printing believer, all-round product, growth and bizdev guy.

ID 23825

Blake Burris

Founder & Chief Hactivist of the global #Cleanweb movement; catalyzing entrepreneurs to make our cities more livable and sustainable. fbFund recipient

ID 141325

Melvin Mughal

Worked at @paypal

ID 6958

Dustin Bryant

UX/UI Designer

ID 62907

Alexander Mans


Entrepreneur. Love Startups, Tech & ✈. Founder @flyr, CEO @mans-invest

ID 127736

Berend van Hemel

MBA, during last 15 years have helped 30 digital companies with growth: strategy, market research, online marketing, partner search and general management.

ID 36036

Rune Theill


Co-Founder @rockstart

ID 39450

Ruben Timmerman

Founder & CEO at, User Experience nerd

ID 46221

Karim Amrani

Hardware/Software Hacker. Graduated with - Built and grown to 100k players - Founded R&D Lab - 4 times TEDx Speaker

ID 16834

Barrie James Robinson

Founder of Clip. Clip simplifies the creation of rich media channels for unique experience-driven brands. Clip is creative, collaborative and experiential.

ID 92612

Ozer Dolekoglu

Co-Founder of @limk. Building a smarter content marketing platform for future. Part of @startupchile & @rockstart. Obsessed about design, UX - UI.

ID 120682

Arsen Ari Kalfayan

Co-Founder & CEO of

ID 103096

Jishai Evers

Founder & CEO @wikibrains

ID 34301

Sander Nagtegaal

Co-founder @peecho, former chief architect @albumprinter and owner @centrical. Avid martial artist.

ID 56622

Marc Aafjes


Supporting @the-ant-works , @opnt and founder/CEO of a new venture. Formerly @vodafone @gemini-consulting + others @stanford GSB @vrije-universiteit-amsterdam

ID 54063

Stefano Cutello

Founder and CEO @pastbook. Former Technical Leader @ebay. Freelance since age of 18. Developer since a lot before. Web addicted. Tech lover. Snowboarder.

ID 146541

Sieuwert van Otterloo


Software enthusiast with a lot of business and strategy experience. Active as investor, advisor and entrepreneur

ID 32500

Marc Köhlbrugge

Founder of @betalist

ID 115877

Aernoud Dekker

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of SellanApp. Introduced commercial internet in the Netherlands in 1992 by founding the first commercial ISP.

ID 651918

Paul van Eijden


Better regret what you did, than what you didn't do.

ID 99850

Pieter Sleeboom


Co Founder @safarna-com Founder, advisor & investor focused on consumer internet

ID 50725

Milan Van Den Bovenkamp

Connecting and enabling people through communities and technology. Experienced startup founder, expert in crowd funding and mobile.

ID 20662

Micha Hernandez van Leuffen

Cofounder and CEO of @wercker. Did CompSci and BA. CompSci thesis at @university-of-san-francisco. Hacker Entrepreneur. Making development life easier.

ID 226035

Thijs Goos

Founder @fashiolista

ID 472802

Joep Gommers


In cyber intelligence and related tech for 15 yrs. Helped build @isight-partners, Founder and CEO of @intelworks

ID 174136

Patrick de Laive


Co-Founder @thenextweb with deep interest in business models, marketing and PR. Entrepreneur and advisor for small and larger companies.

ID 284200

Jasper van Nistelrooy

Co-founder @achieved. Strong background in product management (Achieved, ING Direct), and business (Investment Analysis Msc, ING Bank). Seasoned developer.

ID 34489

Joris Keijzer

Former CEO of Albumprinter (growing 22,000% in 5 yrs). Established AH Mobile (MVNO).

ID 117297

Patrick Perlmutter

Head up product & marketing @infinit. Former EIR @lecamping. BA @college-of-william-and-mary. MBA @hec-paris. Experience working @apple.

ID 97138

Lori Sloan

Outreach Producer@Noujaim Films | Director of Communications @openlabel | 13 yrs @microsoft: project/prog.mgt, web mgt, localization, marketing, writing/editing

ID 61828

Kostas Arkadas

Founder @parkaround • Currently getting accelerated @rockstart

ID 56167

Peter Tuszynski

* Mobile software developer & product engineer * Currently co-founder at @appvetica * ex. IBM, Agora, XS2TheWorld,Yipme

ID 11261

Frank Schuil

Founded several companies including IRL Connect, ClickClacks, Qubulus and Verbeterdebuurt (foundation). Currently CEO & co-founder Bitcoin company Safello.

ID 34004

Reinout Brake



ID 263845

Brian Garret

Co-founder of @3D-Hubs worked at @3dsystems and @FreedomOfCreation all round designer @3dprinting evangelist and front-end developer.

ID 297818

Kees van Nunen

ID 169369

Marieke Schoutsen

Founder @earlydoc • Founder @boven-de-balie startup office • worked at @academic-medical-center-amsterdam, @sigmascreening • Masters Medical Informatics

ID 468007

Maarten Beucker Andreae


Co-founder (acquired by Ebay), TTY,, Adgoji and Searcle. Entrepreneur and early stage investor.

ID 96275

Andrew Klein



ID 175175

Timan Rebel


Angel Investor, Co-founder @snowciety (social network for skiers), founder @sugababes-nl (acquired).

ID 285713

Hans de Back


Founding Partner @Incubasa Ventures | Mentor @seedcamp | Entrepreneur | Early-stage investor in technology oriented companies

ID 73157

Pepijn De Visscher

Founder Ideedock. Studied economics in the Netherlands and the US. Passionate about entrepreneurship and creativity. Loves hitchhiking. Climbed Kilimanjaro.

ID 196229

Gert Jan Spriensma

Co-founder of Zazzy (, enable everyone to design stylish & unique jewelry.

ID 165255

David Griffin

Customer Happiness Fanatic | Veteran BD, Sales & Marketing Director | Start-up Growth, Community, Operations | Serial Entrepreneur

ID 134461

Paul O'Connell

Problem solver using design and strategy to create solutions and products.

ID 263923

Bram de Zwart

Founder 3D Hubs. Product Manager @3dsystems @FreedomOfCreation. M.Sc. Delft University of Technology. 3D printing specialist.

ID 85934

Wilco van Duinkerken

CTO at @olery. Background in Business Informatics. First startup in Highschool. Passionate about (web)technology and Software Ecosystems.

ID 121535

Sarah Foster

Director of Sales and Marketing at Solano Labs

ID 262090


Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry focused startup accelerators.

ID 42433

Eleanor 'Nell' Watson

Nell Watson is an engineering technologist and business leader. Founder @poikos

ID 439080

Richard Kastelein

Digital Strategist, Innovation Catalyst, Writer, Entrepreneur, FRSA

ID 78189

Robert Gaal

Product Manager at @google. Co-founded @karma and @wakoopa. Tall Dutch guy.

ID 109343

Ivar Gribnau

Advisor / Shareholder at Optimor Ltd, the creator of Strong commercial background (LGI/UPC, easyGroup, easyJet plc).

ID 1995

Eva Hukshorn


7 years experience in Investment Banking in London, Amsterdam & NY for @accenture, ABN AMRO / RBS. In 2010, she became an entrepreneur & investor herself.

ID 281263

Vincent van Leeuwen

Jack of all trades.

ID 322208

George van Brugge


Entrepreneur and early stage investor. Promoter, rainmaker, connector. Love to be involved in the early stage of entrepreneurial adventures.

ID 209379

Alain le Loux MSc. MBA


Serial Entrepreneur - Business Accelerator - High-tech startup coach - CEO Coach Founder @llx2-investments • Worked at @eit-ictlabs

ID 113890

Robert Hurst


Founder @audio-network • Worked at @pwc-1, @pearson • Studied at @insead-1, @university-of-bath

ID 36125

Kasper Brandi Petersen

M.Sc. in Business, worked on 3 continents for Fortune 150 firm, owns 17 skinny ties

ID 69978

Jan Willem Van der Meer

Chief Commercial Officer at Paylogic

ID 11889

Maurice Kroon

Founder @yippie. Product guy. Studied at @erasmus-university-rotterdam, @vrije-universiteit-amsterdam.

ID 52571

Joaquim Valente

Engineering and MBA background; Entrepreneur since 2007; Startup experience in Silicon Valley and Amsterdam; 5 years experience working for other companies

ID 37210

Teemu Arina

CEO at @meetin-gs. CEO at @dicole. Co-author of Megasignals. Co-author of Cloud Company.

ID 224277

Denis Duvauchelle

Founder & CEO @twoodo. Ambitious entrepreneur with a vision focused on growth and innovation.

ID 130951

James Digby

Chief Marketing Officer @airtame | Founder @ TheStartupAwards | Co-Founded @RockstartAccel | Advisor to Startups | Speaker & Emcee

ID 140544

Jean-Pierre Pequito

Co-founder at @amiquo. Product guy and interface designer. National award in entrepreneurship (Barcelona). Business @esade. Gamer.

ID 40804

Jons Janssens

I like to start, build and change things • Founder of @marvia • MBA in Emerging technologies

ID 162157

Pieter van Herpen

CEO & Founder @syndicateplus. Former @procter-gamble-2. Graduate CEMS Msc. @esade , @rotterdam-school-of-management. Photographer and surfer for fun.

ID 83274

Ali Orod Zandifar

Now @3vr-security and @viblio , Worked at @gauss-surgical-1, @set-media • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 211389

Laurens Groenendijk


Founder @www-treatwell-nl, @www-justeat-nl • Worked at @just-eat

ID 110384

Cristian Andreica

CTO @lokalinc. Previously cofounded Member of Rockstart Accelerator (class of 2012). C.S. Bachelor Degree.

ID 212853

Jelle Kolleman


Founder @red-urban, Founded @shoot2share, @indivirtual-com, @red-urban digital advertising agency, @freemail-nl

ID 196698

Alexandra Nikolova

Founder @eventyard • ex VP Marketing at @xs-software • Marketing specialist turned entrepreneur • Code First: Girls alumni • Forbes Bulgaria's "30 under 30"

ID 239213

Deyan Dimitrov

Founder of @unioncy. Strongly execution focused serial entrepreneur. Worked at @rocket-internet, @wimdu-gmbh-deleted, @philips, and @ericsson

ID 99691

Jeffrey Broer


Co-founder @surround-app, Co-founder of, Founder of @grayscale-ltd-hk, Previous Co-Founder of Goldpoint and worked at @bbned-isp

ID 50744

Marco Abis

Enjoy growing people and things

ID 340940

Jérôme Vercoutere

Co-Founder @the-assets : The Marketplace for Business Assets Startups, Investors & more Efficient DealFlow.

ID 25669

Evgenios Skitsanos

CEO at @skitsanos Inc. Strong Business Development background, running multiple international IT projects worldwide. Startups Mentor.

ID 46797

Moodi Mahmoudi

Founder and CEO at @collaborne. First startup out of university. C-level experience in venture-backed businesses. @insead-1 MBA 2011.

ID 21146

Sam Gichuru


CEO @ Nairobi Accelerator Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor

ID 267517

Michael Boloudakis

Co-Founder Kinems Learning Games. Co-Founder ITisART.Ltd. • Studied at @university Of Piraeus

ID 83045

Cristina Stoian

Romanian geek living in Amsterdam, in love with life, trying everything at least once, with an eye for photography & art. Founder of 123dressme and CRISSPIX.

ID 20658

Vihang Patel

VP Engg, Dragon Wealth, Founded Wokify acquired by @crayon-data , Worked at Deloitte, BS & MS (IIT Kharagpur)

ID 9995

Martin Voorzanger

Founder of @toogethr. 1st startup after 20 years working for companies incl. TomTom, Layer and LBi. Holds MSc and very broad skillset. Purple cow.

ID 61525

Rik Wuts

Renewable energy entrepreneur. Co-founder & VP of Business Development at @powerhive @delft-university-of-technology (BS applied physics, MS product design)

ID 152300

Jonathan Marks

Worked at @bbc, @vc4africa-biz • Studied at @durham-university-1

ID 101879

Neal Lachman

- Serial entrepreneur - 24 years of experience; - Expert in next-gen communications (mobile and fiber optics); - Speaker at important industry events

ID 267629

Simos Retalis

I am co-Founder of Kinems Inc. Also, professor at the University of Piraeus, Greece. Experience in R&D projects with partners such Intel, Microsoft, Google.

ID 353320

Bass Khadori

Founder @taptrack • Worked at @ge, @snc-lavalin-group-inc • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @project-management-professional-pmp-pmi

ID 172748

Dan Fennessy

Founder of @party-with-a-local, Previously Co-Founder @revirda. Time at @lonely-planet-publications-pt. Travel, social, ping pong @the-pong-network

ID 173036

Tim Has

Founder Bookinglayer. Surfer and Bootstrapper.

ID 19340

Dwight Gunning

Tech Adventurer. Advisor at @sntmnt. Founder & CEO @revirda. Global Facilitator @startupweekend.

ID 178407

Akis Laopodis

Founder & CEO of @offerial.

ID 10037

Reza Sardeha

Startup enthusiast. Founder @ Undeveloped. Creator of Leopea & ImHalal: an award winning search engine that reached 10,000,000 Internet users.

ID 254934

Paul Lange


Paul is an internationally experienced C-Level executive specialised in leading start-ups & complex business expansions, venture capital and equity investments.

ID 29699

Matevz Medja

Serial entrepreneur. Founder: @offbureau, Gigo D+C, @sndb, ArchiveType. Product guy, designer of brand identities. Advisor. My favorite toy was Lego.

ID 303256

Lisanne Buik

Founder / CEO of VanChefs. Business background (Ahold, Harvest), MSc RSM 2011, food freak.

ID 334652


Traveling + 12 startups in 12 months. Made @PandaMixShow @RSMErasmus

ID 196651

Nick Mulder


Founder, CEO of @fitto MSc. Business Intelligence BSc. Finance.

ID 115791

Peter Warman

Co-founder & CEO at Newzoo /

ID 176778

Nick Bishop

President & CEO @ddb West, VP @the-coca-cola-company, EVP @g2-grey-advertising, President @mccann-erickson SF, CEO @McCann Sydney, Chairman @mccann-erickson NL

ID 566482

Peyman Shojaei

Founder Vembler • Worked at @hyves-nl, @telegraaf-media-groep • Studied at @university-of-amsterdam

ID 122213

Marten Hauville

Business Management & Technical Development for OpenStack software and service provider in Europe and Australia.

ID 42621


half suit half amazing

ID 127153

Zoran Kovačević

Founder StudyGrasp • Worked at @hyves-nl • Studied at @university-utrecht

ID 223231

Thijs Sprangers

Startup entrepreneur, strategist, boardmember +10yrs experience in online/social. Connects people.

ID 121369

Christian Dommers

BizDev at Adblock Plus, CEO / Co-Founder of WerGehtHin. University of Cologne MBA.

ID 134287

Thomas Purnell-Fisher

CEO/Founder @veezy. Past: Head of @youtube on TV, Product Director @netflix, 2 previous startups • Studied Cinema-TV at @university-of-southern-california

ID 377212

Rutger Teunissen

Advisor & online entrepreneur. Founder (sold in 2011). Founder social quizgame BattleQuiz (sold in 2012). Now CEO & Co-founder of 24Sessions!

ID 138604

Andrew Charnley

CEO at FlirtSmart. 1st tech startup after two years at @accenture.

ID 329605

Jurjen van Rees

Co-Founder & CEO of The ANT Works, expert in academia-industry collaboration and innovation strategy.

ID 363027

Lukasz Wojtusiak

Founder and CEO @inquversity • Worked at @ing, @eureko-insurance

ID 136695

Maarten Graven

Founder & CEO of CityShare. BSc Business Administration; first startup at 23; licensed behavioral expert.

ID 345744

Mark Studholme

Co-founder @crowdyhouse the marketplace for the world's indie furniture designers | Previously Editor-in-Chief of @archello-com & Editor-in-Chief of @trespa

ID 31474

Howard Ogden

"One of the world-leading mobile AR experience developers"

ID 167925

Sascha Eikelmann

CEO of Hotelodeo. After touristic career (Carlson Hospitality, Steigenberger Hotels) 1st startup.

ID 94088

Samuel Colak

ExESA & Serial Entrepreneur; coder, guru and tech-evangelist. Founded Jobbawok, Im-At-Home and Babidazes.

ID 86456

Daniel McPherson

Founder of @attini, Social Software for SharePoint

ID 99008

Rudolf Booker


Managing Director, Payvision

ID 253949

Andriy Shmyhelskyy

CEO at @caretosave. Internet of Things, Technology, Environment, Education, Start-ups.

ID 180604

Job Caljé

Business developer @ Snappet (tablet-enabled learning in primary education) | INSEAD MBA alumnus | former project leader @ PostNL

ID 67298

Jerrol Spier

Recruiting Sports & Gaming Leaders.

ID 325677

Albin Bronkhorst

Founder and CEO at Fastr, Founded Snowvel • Strong Business Background, Product Guy, Internet Junky, Finance, Building successful business relations.

ID 253411

Wojtek Chowanski

Software engineer, UX designer. Studied at @university-college-london

ID 548738

Elad Haggay

entrepreneur, changemaker and a proud father!

ID 36722

Glenn Wolters

ID 167821

Elmar Gasimov

Founder @bungaloow, @olympicgamesrental • Worked at @bskyb, @connectid • Studied at @university-of-california-irvine, @queen-mary-london

ID 129958

Koen Droste

Founder @polarsteps • Founder @companyspot • Manager @upcoming • Internet entrepreneur • Digital strategy

ID 31727

Bahadir Cambel

Founded a software consultancy company and run for two years. A hacker interested in lots of different technologies like MongoDB, NodeJS, Javascript, Ruby, C#

ID 212641

George Teiosanu

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Strategist, currently working as Digital Operations Director @ Kommerzio and building - the eCommerce Resource Hub.

ID 286532


co-Founder Questionise. Developer, tech strategy, project manager and problem solver.

ID 127602

Octavian Cioaca

CSSensei - I code user journeys since 2006

ID 166704

Krik Gunning

Co-founder at @IvyRoads B.V. • Worked at @abn-amro-bank • Studied at @university-of-groningen

ID 410593

Tom Engbers

CEO at Femtogrid Energy Solutions; Power Management Technology Company.

ID 198623

Pascal van de Poll

Founder @strategiemakers • Worked at @kpmg, @atos-origin and @NolanNorton • Studied at @VUAmsterdam Consulting | Strategy | Organisation | Design | Agility

ID 259959

Iwein Fuld

Founder@StarterSquad • Worked at @springsource, @xebia • Specialties: distributed development, scaling software, teams.

ID 174592

Jamie Anderson

Business dev - open to opportunities with great teams and great products

ID 54254

Ytzik Aranov

Partner, COO - S2B Labs - NYC Social Media & Mobile platform Accelerator. Entrepreneur, M&A Investment Banker, Operations (C&L, A.T. Kearney, Eisner, Motorola)

ID 356617

Menno Kolkert

Founder @plot-projects-1

ID 453906

Zakaria Aarab

Founder Feedlur / The Netherlands / Developer / Entrepreneur / Student /

ID 10911

Oz Har Adir

Studied at @university-of-california-davis, @erasmus-university-rotterdam

ID 159128

Candice Pascoal

Founder @masters-channel

ID 233985

Geet Khosla

Founded GVK Internships (sold in 2012). I have worked in Fashion, Healthcare, Marketing/PR, Consulting and Tech.

ID 527376

ingy i

ID 146126

David Durman

Worked at @ebay, @tomtom-international • Studied at @university-utrecht

ID 311873

Ralph van Slooten

Founder & CTO of Anywhere. Student Media Technology. Passionate about Programming and Technology.

ID 513753

Seffie Treistman

Founder Clinck • 2nd software startup • Studied at @erasmus-university-rotterdam, @delft-university-of-technology

ID 127616

Wouter Mooij

Founder @wercker • Worked at @capgemini, @basket-builders • Strong combination of operations and software development.

ID 487487

Pieter van Tongeren

Creative Director for TINITT, Founder and designer for PTRTJ and lead designer at RECREATOR LLC - Roll!

ID 98322

Joris Blankers


dutch founder and investor. Strong busines background (RSM /Erasmus -

ID 553818

Rodger Buyvoets

Founder @edison-ford,

ID 715171

Samuel Beek

I made Let's Play! app - I make digital stuff, mostly apps and websites. - When I'm not busy creating something I look at art, eat good food or sail.

ID 286146

François-Louis Mommens

Web entrepreneur and software engineer with 14 years experience working for startups in various countries. Worked as a CTO. Crawling and data mining expert.

ID 388766

Yvo Schaap


@developer meets @entrepreneur-1. Owner and Sold previous projects. Love to code and build great things.

ID 311081

Hans Blankenburgh

Dutch national based in Rio de Janeiro founded 6 companies focus: Mobile Apps & Health. Creating a suite of Apps integrating the whole Health Care Supply Chain

ID 652520

Daan Aerts

Heart for Education and Empowerment. Founder&CEO @ One Click Donate • Worked at @ W.P. Carey. Environmental Engineer.

ID 501777

Ludo H

CTO / Lead Developer. I can build anything and can make it look awesome. Recently scratch build a custom framework for an elite social network.

ID 268139

Tom Seuren

Managing Director at Offerti. Very skilled in online marketing, analytics and reporting and product management. Co-Founder at EventInArea.

ID 236136

Jason Wen

Co-founder & CEO @leadsocial studied international business, strong product vision and not afraid to code. Done projects for Apple, KLM, ABN Amro.

ID 216426

James Graves

Founder, Lead Software Engineer and C/C++, iOS, Javascript Developer

ID 402608

Carst Vaartjes

COO visualfabriq • Solves everyday CPG problems with innovative, new analytics based SAAS solutions • Economist, data analytics background

ID 130764

Nicholas Humphries

I'm addicted to the energy of startups. feeds my habit. Created 5 startups before age 18. Aiming for 1Tr+ acquisition before age 100. Let's go!

ID 336498

Peter Pernet

Founder @songflow. Background in business (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), Music and Software (Certified Scrum Master). 2nd startup.

ID 102751

Diogo Figueiredo

Lead Engineer @limetree. Founder @myout • Studied at @universidade-tecnica-de-lisboa

ID 188946

Piotr Bakker

Freelance user experience designer specializing in iOS and SaaS.

ID 241656

Rotem Rubnov

Serial entrepreneur @100gramsapps, @psngrapp, @gopublicapp - founder, developer • worked @tomtom-international, @comverse-technology • @technion-israel

ID 180984

Alle Roodbergen

CEO of Roberts & Partners, Amsterdam's leading travel management company. Founder of LOAF.

ID 175184

Ronald Treur

Co-founder @snowciety • Studied Computer Sciences at @universiteit-utrecht

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founder & CEO @motobidia, Head of Product & Operations @ngp-van-inc Automotive, eCommerce, SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 307320

BenHeubl (.com)

Foundr Health 2.0 CPH, VPMedstartr, StartupHealth EU fellow, TEDMEDLive in EU, ICG Csltg, Health Innv. Blog, HealthXLMentor, Kairos Society mentor Health Innov.

ID 168399

Miquel Ballester

Founder @meerkerst, @fairphone • Worked at @dsm-international, @innovaders • Studied at @delft-university-of-technology, @universidad-politecnica-de-valencia

ID 635851

Mark van Dijk

Director @spil-games • Entrepeneur, product guy, analytical, starting and growing new businesses

ID 73709

Quinn Roukema

Co-Founder, Co-Founded, Alum Student Brand Manager at Red Bull. Good with people, words and obstacles. No-nonsense, creative and lean.

ID 66826

Tudor Cobalas

Co-founder of XL Family, tech entrepreneur driven by helping other companies how to innovate through web & mobile technologies.

ID 323981

Rutger van Zuidam

Founder of Senanga. Advisor at Hanze University Groningen, Founded

ID 136842

Harm Bavinck

CEO of Effacts. Strong legaltech background.

ID 170512

Edouard Dopper

CoFounder @scrap-connection • Worked at @rabobank • Studied at @maastricht-university and Boston College.

ID 454303

Frans van Eersel

Founder and Managing Director of doPay. Entrepreneur. Strong background in payments.

ID 32506

Jaap van Nes

Founder @stuvia. Tech guy with business mind.

ID 37912

Rik Heijmen

Seasoned entrepreneur, creatively led and sold Amsterdam based ad agencies. Passioned about innovation, quality, service, sustainability and fair business.

ID 467009

Etienne Noreau-Hebert

Founder and CTO of @liine • Worked at @vantrix • Studied at @university-of-montreal • Maker of things

ID 101292

Max Beaumont

Co-founder at Giaura

ID 330347

Kees van den Bos

ID 137481

Anne Mei Poppe

Founder @getbisy • Worked at @ernst-young, @heineken-international • Studied at @university-of-amsterdam

ID 11501

Cem Yildiz

Founder @creatilt.

ID 352155

Luuk Linssen

Marketing at @fitto - MSc Marketing

ID 223393

Haris Petrasitis

Founder @teach-n-go. Started 1st company right after university. Founded another 3 companies since then. BSc Computing. Startup lover!

ID 65784

Gabor Sommerhalder

Founder / Board member of @maximus-capital

ID 575642

Ryan Nuijen

ID 314816

Alexander Brouwer

Worked at @ing, @towers-watson • Studied at @vrije-universiteit-amsterdam

ID 331431

Maarten Munster

Co-founder & CEO of @tripgems | Millennial | Business Development | Wanderlust

ID 183312

Klaas van der Molen

Founder @fundo • Worked at @asml

ID 112224

Jonathan Looman

Founder of SwipeTV. Weblover, Designer, Creative thinker & TV addict.

ID 112258

Dominic Matheron

Product minded entrepreneur, co-founder of

ID 331228

Robbert Peeters

Founder @shearn

ID 703064

Harm Snaphaan

Founder & CEO @leaflad • Management @nyenrode-university-of-business • UX Freak • Passion for disrupting existing business models

ID 754169

Marco Gorter

ID 815000

Floris van Hoogenhuyze

Founder Barqo & CEO HUISenVIDEO/ OFFICEenVIDEO. Enthusiastic online entrepreneur in Online Video Marketing, P2P & Collaborative consumption markets

ID 488375

Gino Smit-Youmanitas (gino.smit at gmail)

ID 28109

Sebastian Herrlinger

Experienced lead developer. Worked on social media platforms and video streaming technology. Open Source enthusiast.

ID 354511

Pedro Guglielmi

Ceo & Founder of Krisis Corp.

ID 431735

Mauricio Kruijer

Co-founder and CTO @leadsocial • Studied at @hogeschool-van-amsterdam Worked at Sanoma Games.

ID 115849

Khalil Seyed Mehdi

Entrepreneur, co-founder & Chief Product Design at

ID 170180

Jelmer de Jong

Marketer for fast growing startups. Loves SaaS, eCommerce and Enterprise Software. I turn ideas into viable marketable products and tools.

ID 141715

Arpita Maity

Co-founder and CMO at OnePenny. Strong Business background, launched Xamun,Inc, carried out fund raising activities and strategy advisor.

ID 213770

Michel Dufrasnes

Founder and CIO @holland-haptics. Worked @csm, @inter-access, @staffplanning, @content, @siemens. Strong in innovation, R&D, strategy and implementation, getting things done, making technology work and knowledge accessible to improve business processes,

ID 501919

Matthew Sheridan

B.Eng (Mechatronics and Management), Green Tech and liPo battery expertise. CEO of Nix Sensor Ltd. Sailor, Hacker, Maker, World Traveler

ID 64104

aris giachnis

Full stack developer for EU Commission, co-founder of @boothchat , Verkil.

ID 187004

Cheyenne Vermeulen

UX & Product advisor for CityShare. UX & Visual design expert @TINCK concept design. Attended Utrecht School of the Arts - Interactive Media Design.

ID 146854

Thomas van de Meer

Founded @vault18, private art dealership in masterpieces. Lived and worked in London and Beijing. BA in international business and Chinese-mandarin language.

ID 213160

Randy Drielinger

Founder @aboutdj, @prose-1 • Worked at @interactive-intelligence • Studied at @inholland-hogeschool

ID 350244

Daniel Kostelni

Young Software Entrepreneur,Coder,CS student. Founder @Qublee

ID 345282

Matthijs van Til

Founder @straatofferte-streetoffer

ID 293227

Mike Lelieveld

Founder / CEO at 2manydots. Founder of upendo. Entrepreneur since 2006. Healthy interest in business models. Connecting people. World traveller.

ID 264025

Redouan Aouragh

Junior developer

ID 837

Samir Bendida

Founder @cyclodeo. Former engineer in the Semiconductor industry.

ID 229637

Lev Kangin

Co-Founder & CEO @admify • Worked at @marc-ecko-enterprises, @iptp-networks

ID 297150

Laurent Dosogne

Co-founder timeplazza. CMO, Member of the board. 9 years business and marketing experience @ Philips. Studied at Solvay Business School.

ID 338061

Lex van Bever

Lead UX/UI Designer, Entrepreneur, Conversion king - Bringing Ideas Into Life! Co-owner at TripGems .Inc

ID 356641

Rogier Trimpe

CEO & Business Founder at, the automated video interaction platform. Studied International Busines & Ventures. Lifelong entrepreneur.

ID 318761

Jakub Tomek

Founder @memrify MSc. student of at VU Amsterdam, a student of Marketing at VSE Prague. Strong marketing background. Programming enthusiast.

ID 284241

Anonymous Co-founder

Co-founder Questionise. Strong background in Online Marketing and Social Media.

ID 74514

Bob Borstlap

Co-founder @behindthefrontdoor-1. Pro photographer. 15 yrs film industry experience. Co-founder/ creative director of Ines Gloves, best fashion gloves online shop.

ID 246084

Jakob Thusgaard

Founder @yoursales • Virtualizer of Sales • Worked at @cisco, @logmein

ID 298130

Wijnand Lusthof

Passionate about crafting, visualizing and realizing stories. Fueled by an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 796758

Pedro Alegria

Founder & Creative Ideator at Torke+CC (Creative Agency) - responsible for Benelux market and new business development. Lived and worked in 6 countries.

ID 225932

Mick Niepoth

Founder of @ReadmoreMag, start your own magazine in 10 minutes.

ID 203542

Vincent Reinders

Founder 22tracks. Radio host. Music curator.

ID 209308

Francisca Kapar

CEO of OmniP Labs Combining grace and firm determination in realizing high goals. Strategist at heart. Applying a disciplined approach to the art of business.

ID 443818

Daan Wolff

Co-founder Scribto: App building tool. Founder Bold Data; datadriven marketing agency. 10 years of solid business experience at several Dutch enterprises.

ID 287768

Arno Zwaag

Being a perfectionist (and a scope creeper) i'm always searching for the best possible solution to offer my clients. Only restrained by time and budget.

ID 56403

Bob Dalm

Strong life-long involvement in e-sports, degree in Human Resources Accounting and Organisation Consultancy, Product Manager in Digital Games industry

ID 69062

David Sevenoaks

Strong technology, sales and business background. Formerly: Head of Online Media at Atalink, Director Product Management at @gypsii.

ID 46750

Yorick Reintjens

Entrepreneur, (Tech)Start-ups, Amsterdam, Ecommerce, Finance, Adventure, Risk-taker, Comedian, Business, Music, Coffee, Thinker, Blogger and just Awesome.

ID 180232

Nordin Ben Allal

Founder/CEO entrepreneur

ID 158534

Elisha Evers

Founder @wikibrains • Worked at @energia-bavaria, @elisha-s-evers-onroerend-goed-bv

ID 39049

Grant McAllister

I'm Grant McAllister a 21 year old UX Designer for currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ID 173025

Niels Luigjes

Founder Cinesoon

ID 211190

Tim de Jong

Founder @publishing-suite

ID 61230

Pim de Groot

Owner/Creative Director of @generalgfx

ID 140753

Diederick Janse

ID 102164

Frank Roor

Co-Founder @ticketswap

ID 39424

Sam Critchley

Started at @uunet. Co-founded The @cavell-group and @f11. Co-founded early LBS app @gypsii, now in a JV w/ Co-founder @spaaza, advisor @skilio and @libersy.

ID 10606

Bob Borstlap

Photographer. Co-founder and creative director at InesGloves. I sell air too! I'm always in motion. That's when I am on my best.

ID 29529

Filip Ernest

Former founder of, and I'm an avid @apple and Magento Commerce evangelist.

ID 200860

Maarten van Wijck

Founder Musicxip. My 3rd Music startup. I work to alllow Musicians to become Pros and Monetize music. International MBA at the University of Groningen (NL)

ID 116964

Remco Hop

Entrepreneur. Interested in the world of mobile apps, online publishing and entertainment.

ID 170144

Ernst van Megen

From searching to executing.

ID 102174

Ruud Kamphuis

Founder @ticketswap

ID 73310

Marc Worrell

CTO at @maxclass / Maximonster; Freelancer; Erlang hacker; Broad technical background; Creator of Zotonic.

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