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ID 147423

Joost Elfering

Web development piñata. Think it, Design it, Build it! Working on startups that are try to make a dent in the world.

ID 92612

Ozer Dolekoglu

Co-Founder of @limk. Building a smarter content marketing platform for future. Part of @startupchile & @rockstart. Obsessed about design, UX - UI.

ID 234574

Guilherme Coelho

Product UX • Worked at @google

ID 78189

Robert Gaal

Product Manager at @google. Co-founded @karma and @wakoopa. Tall Dutch guy.

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 46221

Karim Amrani

Hardware/Software Hacker. Graduated with - Built and grown to 100k players - Founded R&D Lab - 4 times TEDx Speaker

ID 37388

Melinda Jacobs

Founder & CEO @clustrat . Managing Partner @subatomicnl . User Experience Designer . Entrepreneur . Academic . Gamer

ID 30828

Peter Boermans


Co-founder of @olery. Strong background in interaction design and usability. First startup while in high school. Attended the Rotterdam School of Management.

ID 134461

Paul O'Connell

Problem solver using design and strategy to create solutions and products.

ID 6958

Dustin Bryant

UX/UI Designer

ID 220384

Sarah Dougan

Front end Developer and Designer.

ID 297300

Ben Cerveny

Founded @bloom-studio. Named & helped conceive of @flickr. Design Fellow at @samsung-electronics, Advisor to @arup, @snibbe-studio, @scoot-networks, and @funomena

ID 37210

Teemu Arina

CEO at @meetin-gs. CEO at @dicole. Co-author of Megasignals. Co-author of Cloud Company.

ID 16834

Barrie James Robinson

Founder of Clip. Clip simplifies the creation of rich media channels for unique experience-driven brands. Clip is creative, collaborative and experiential.

ID 32500

Marc Köhlbrugge

Founder of @betalist

ID 136233

Philip Sebastian

Founder @swifty, @badaboom-labs • Worked at @apple, @fan-tv • Studied at @stanford-university, @san-francisco-state-university @academy-of-art-university

ID 116752

Thomas Lee


Game Developer w/ passion for Art + Technology, emerging platforms, and community driven ecosystems on connected devices. VR Enthusiast & Evangelist @wemolab

ID 470898

Jan van der Burgt

Co-Founder, Product @ Cargobase.

ID 1330

Paul Veugen

Co-founder @human. Founded @usabilla. Product guy, designer, and data junky. Avid cyclist.

ID 70688

Phil Gillman

Partner, Co-Founder and CEO of Siberia. Experience Designer, Programmer, Copywriter, Creative Director, Suit.

ID 387132

Henrique Caiano

Founder & Lead Designer @songvice, @headblendr. Fouder & Label Manager @sync-forward

ID 196651

Nick Mulder


Founder, CEO of @fitto MSc. Business Intelligence BSc. Finance.

ID 487487

Pieter van Tongeren

Creative Director for TINITT, Founder and designer for PTRTJ and lead designer at RECREATOR LLC - Roll!

ID 237436

Lorena Marquez Gamarra

Designer & Co-founder of @bomberbot

ID 303717


UX Architect, specialized in Strategy and Design, partnering with passionate teams to envision, craft and drive to market new integrated product experiences.

ID 408575

Christian Vernaschi

Cross-media Concept Designer & Interactive Art Director / UI/UX - Mentor, team leader/player / Innovator. From print to digital, producing brand values.

ID 29699

Matevz Medja

Serial entrepreneur. Founder: @offbureau, Gigo D+C, @sndb, ArchiveType. Product guy, designer of brand identities. Advisor. My favorite toy was Lego.

ID 80207

H. O. ten Hoor

Product Designer / Product Manger Mobile at @hyves-nl; Studied Industrial Design at Technical University of Delft in Holland; Programmer at One.Tel;

ID 191133

Aldo Bucchi

I build stuff. Backend Hacker. UX Artist. Innovation advisor for >1B corporations. Organized 100+ Meetups. Built 50+ Enterprise projects.

ID 830460

Masha Parinova

ID 579270

Daniel John Baker

Worked at @peerby, @frog Design

ID 134027

Gabriel McIntyre

Head of Innovation @ Indie-Amsterdam. Award winning Alternate Reality Games, Commercials, Mobile Apps & Social Media Marketing. College of arts teacher, 12 yr.

ID 174563

Jenny Shen

UX/UI designer who helps startups to create beautiful & easy-to-use products. Previously UX/UI Design Lead at @gimmie , Co-founder/Product Designer at @swiip

ID 169375

Travis Dunn

Software engineer w/15yrs experience in web architectures, distributed computing, security, data modeling and analysis, devops, and product/platform development

ID 447441

Cory Hess

UX/UI/Interaction Designer

ID 127602

Octavian Cioaca

CSSensei - I code user journeys since 2006

ID 575903

Gaby Leon van Wijk

Worked at @tomtom-international, @landor-associates • Studied at @universidad-catolica-andres-bello, @school-of-the-art-institute-of-chicago

ID 167821

Elmar Gasimov

Founder @bungaloow, @olympicgamesrental • Worked at @bskyb, @connectid • Studied at @university-of-california-irvine, @queen-mary-london

ID 501777

Ludo H

CTO / Lead Developer. I can build anything and can make it look awesome. Recently scratch build a custom framework for an elite social network.

ID 188946

Piotr Bakker

Freelance user experience designer specializing in iOS and SaaS.

ID 688869

Gosia Dzienisowicz

A "citizen of the world," my expertise and passion lies in creating digitally connected products, global e-commerce, global m-commerce and mobile apps.

ID 399030

Steffan Williams

I am a front-end developer from South Wales, currently based in Amsterdam and working for the mobile website team at

ID 187009

Patrick Plaggenborg

Designer, pixelpolisher, extremely fast, shortcut ninja, interfaces, apps,

ID 11973

Jose Gomez de Lara

Engineer, Designer and Founder at Radical Graphics Studios • Worked at Microsoft, Sony and TomTom• Studied at Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Universidad Europea Madrid

ID 367632

Marvin Kennis

UI Designer

ID 753597

Bas Snippert

Persuasive and Gameful Design | MSc from University of Twente | Ideation | Communications | Entrepreneurial spirit | Loves lifehacking and personal development

ID 344509

Łukasz Harężlak

Software developer, data miner, design freak, investor

ID 161309

Oskar Smith

I create icons, interfaces and experiences for mobile and web.

ID 306555

Tristano Vacondio

Marketing Manager

ID 347154

Thijs Cobben

Entrepeneur, CTO, VPoE, Development Director, Senior Web Developer looking for startup

ID 434513

Roderick Eeninkwinkel

Co-founder of Lumutar, founder of Background in Strategic Management & Online Marketing. Worked at ORMIT & ANWB.

ID 553962

Aline Lickel

Lead UX/UI Designer at Konnektid. Goal oriented, problem solving person. Enjoy the process of investigating elegant solutions in design.

ID 301654

Martijn Jegerings

Digital Marketing Expert; Works at @protest-boardwear & @frsh-magazine. Worked at @philips. Been starting up businesses since 2006.

ID 804166

Pierluigi Dalla Rosa

I’m an interaction designer and an engineer. I bring ideas to life in the digital and physical world.

ID 285488

Ron Jones

I am a veteran Art Director/Designer from the publishing industry who recently trained as a full-stack rails developer at General Assembly.

ID 312113

Joeri Wetters

Live stage! Bring it on!

ID 652520

Daan Aerts

Heart for Education and Empowerment. Founder&CEO @ One Click Donate • Worked at @ W.P. Carey. Environmental Engineer.

ID 291866

Jessica DOWNEY

Interaction Designer.

ID 443711

Samantha Williams

Adaptable and motivated graphic designer with a passion for new technology and collaborative thinking.

ID 307853

Michiel Huijse

TU Delft, Graduated at Philips on User Experience, Co-Founder of GoUrbanGrow Start-up on Smart Product, Looking for a job as all-round Designer / Design thinker

ID 621372

Vijay Sharma

ASIC Design Engineer [LSI Corp.] Researcher in String Theory (Mirror Symmetry - AdS/CFT), TQFT, Quantum Computation, Non-Commutative and Algebraic Geometry

ID 332020

Jochem de Boer

Strong background in Statistics and on a powermove to become an even stronger coder

ID 112224

Jonathan Looman

Founder of SwipeTV. Weblover, Designer, Creative thinker & TV addict.

ID 194673

Joris Sewandono

CEO of ReloadMedia and ReloadData, design and development of online media. MA in Interaction design.

ID 342990

Jules Weijdema

Current: MD @, Creativity and Business, background in UX Design (MSc. TU Delft). Former owner of design agency KonijnDesign.

ID 91992

Abdullah Ibrahim

A fulltime/freelance application developer, very passionate about web standards, have created websites that are used by many people in daily life.

ID 338024

Javor Vatchkov

UX and Product designer

ID 371369


Independent and experienced e-commerce specialist for online marketing, conversion optimization and project management

ID 887888

Edward O'Riordan


ID 559127

Alexander Rulkens

I love to work on the forefront of technology and has an affinity with startups. He founded his own company, designed and implemented 10+ online tools.

ID 59779

Li Chiao

Visual design, UX, and product management.

ID 150467

Bram Geenen

Founder @wevolver • Studied at @eindhoven-university-of-technology

ID 92378

Ionut Popa

Frontend developer at

ID 568060

Elliot Nolten

ID 406968

Michel Jansen

Generalist UX Designer, Researcher & Technologist. Making the right things for the right people through rapid iteration. Worked at Syzygy, Lokku, Siemens, Nedap

ID 255433

Matteo Pascale

CCO of Twibfy. Founder of Intùiti. Worked at @lato-c-concept-agency-milan, @the-young-generation-amsterdam. Studied at @politecnico-milano.

ID 160302

Niels Dequeker

Worked at @socialexpress • Studied at @hogeschool-west-vlaanderen-simon-stevin

ID 503835

Tiago Varandas

Interactive Art Director at B-Reel, W+K, 180.

ID 187004

Cheyenne Vermeulen

UX & Product advisor for CityShare. UX & Visual design expert @TINCK concept design. Attended Utrecht School of the Arts - Interactive Media Design.

ID 638590

Bárbara Neves

Marketing Management at Cecadi do Brasil; MBA in Project Management; Bachelor in Design with Emphasis on Marketing

ID 431605

David Martin de Juan

Bits and Pieces Designer - East Coast Creative Production Lead @Unruly

ID 833408

Olga Kotova

Promotional campaigns across different communication channels framework.

ID 243664

Manon Korzelius

Social Media Management HidashHi

ID 656615

Afonso Gonsalves

Independent contortionist designer. Combining creativity, strategic thinking and technical prowess on both print and digital media.

ID 115849

Khalil Seyed Mehdi

Entrepreneur, co-founder & Chief Product Design at

ID 751431

Odiseo Viveros

I'm a web visual designer, who enjoys creating beautiful and functional web applications, apps sites.

ID 515984

Danial Keshani

A passionate, pixel perfect UI / UX designer

ID 287768

Arno Zwaag

Being a perfectionist (and a scope creeper) i'm always searching for the best possible solution to offer my clients. Only restrained by time and budget.

ID 338061

Lex van Bever

Lead UX/UI Designer, Entrepreneur, Conversion king - Bringing Ideas Into Life! Co-owner at TripGems .Inc

ID 760711

Stephan van den Brink

Freelance Director / Designer who loves to make visuals for brands / artists / companies with combining different techniques.

ID 742056

Máté Rauscher

Web designer, Entrepreneur, Energy Engineer, Kayaker , Founder of @uditco

ID 466198

Adrian Morosanu

Worked at @mticket-sms, @bitxatm-technology • Studied at @transilvania-university-of-brasov

ID 359163

PP Korevaar

Founder and designer @ukky and Kersvers

ID 453967

Hugo Geerts

Designer In A Start-up / Owner Of A Small Design studio / Vector Illustrator / User interface designer / Student @ Avans St Joost /

ID 852939

jochem van der spek

3 iOS apps, worked at European Design Center, specialist in graphics coding, teacher at University of Amsterdam, speak C/C++/OpenGL/Javascript/WebGL

ID 390232

Carla Almeida

Web Design & Development Student

ID 557229

Farid el Nasire

22 years old and nearly 10 years of experience crafting web-applications in PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery.

ID 647743

Hilde de Wit

ID 852381

Marjon Siero

Web designer at Spotzer

ID 554616

Eduardo Campuzano

Conceptual Art Director & Senior Visual Designer. If you have a good idea, a big challenge or an interesting project, big or small, I’d love to hear from you.

ID 647162

Jacqueline Sargeant

ID 516094

Hert Zöllner

ID 422498

Mauro Mandracchia

Full Stack Developer, JavaScript Lover, Front-End 3x, Node.JS, CI. With strong business background.

ID 529680

Dan Lazarescu

Web Developer/UX Designer/Product Manager

ID 647032

Evelina Silberlaint

I enjoy creating amazing user experiences. Every morning I come in to work because I want to make awesome s together with inspiring people around me.

ID 651166

Tim Beekhuis

ID 387012


Art Director with entrepreneurial skills. Passion for UX, new ideas and travelling. Travelled the world. Twice. Worked for Tommy Hilfiger, Yamaha, Unesco and more...

ID 563521

Guilherme Medeiros

Self-taught front-end developer, javascript expert, angular.js lover <3

ID 573020

Tijn Hoyng

I created my own discovering website in Amsterdam. That's why I'm contacting you.

ID 885321

Hen Pritchard-Barrett

Graphic design Intern at Rockstart, Amsterdam. In to entrepreneurship, advertising and slick product design. 

ID 412324

Anna Kotliarevskaia

UX Designer, loving visual explanations, worked at Yandex

ID 406523

Franco Papeschi

Senior User Experience designer. 10 years in startups, agencies, large orgs. Team lead, helped products go from idea to market

ID 87333

ibrahim güvendikler

industrial designer I offer innovation product designs and ideas by creativity that is changeable to profit based on "new".

ID 102164

Frank Roor

Co-Founder @ticketswap

ID 81927


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ID 131332

R. Budiman

CEO of ICACTIVE a young interaction design company that works on web dev., online marketing, and multimedia. Strong Design & Project Management Background.

ID 39049

Grant McAllister

I'm Grant McAllister a 21 year old UX Designer for currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ID 184170

Rui Lira

Communication Designer based in Amsterdam.

ID 61230

Pim de Groot

Owner/Creative Director of @generalgfx

ID 298130

Wijnand Lusthof

Passionate about crafting, visualizing and realizing stories. Fueled by an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 237122

Daria Nepriakhina

Lean Business Developer. Design addict. Publishing Editor at Passionate about innovation. Love to create best user experience and try new approaches. Strong design background. I know every pixel personally.

ID 339279


ID 352853


ID 343795

Gianni Galli

ID 64158

Manny Becerra

Software Engineer / Web Developer out of Reno, NV for Tesla Motors. I am passionate about solving complex problems with efficient and eloquent solutions.

ID 78226

Gilles Morgenthal

Mobile Interaction Designer - UX/UI/GUI are on my menu on a daily basis

ID 94033

Farid el Nasire

19, Geek entrepreneur, Webdeveloper, Tech blogger, Speaker, Proud Moroccan, huge Spotify addict and a professional Airguitarist.

ID 180232

Nordin Ben Allal

Founder/CEO entrepreneur

ID 247960

Jorian Bos

New Media Specialist // Online Marketing Consultant "Using technology to enhance your business"

ID 230543

Larissa Wiens

Worked at @sellanapp-2

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