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ID 129911

Chris Ennis


Starter / Builder

ID 68587

Dominiek ter Heide

CTO & Co-founder of @bottlenose. Created web products, companies and development teams in Japan, Europe and US. Comp sci background. #machinelearning #bigdata

ID 32500

Marc Köhlbrugge

Founder of @betalist

ID 628364

Shay Banon

Founder @elasticsearch, @compass-open-source-project • Worked at @valtech, @ubs • Studied at @technion-machon-technologi-le-israel

ID 308048

Paulo Taylor

Research & Innovation, Co-Founder of @ebuddy, founder of @phonnix

ID 68177

David Ng

Co-Founder of @openlabel · iOS/Android Dev at @tomtom-international · ASIC Design Engineer at @canon.

ID 1330

Paul Veugen

Co-founder @human. Founded @usabilla. Product guy, designer, and data junky. Avid cyclist.

ID 220384

Sarah Dougan

Front end Developer and Designer.

ID 175175

Timan Rebel


Angel Investor, Co-founder @snowciety (social network for skiers), founder @sugababes-nl (acquired).

ID 97294

Klaas Pieter Annema

iOS & Android at @karma.

ID 56167

Peter Tuszynski

* Mobile software developer & product engineer * Currently co-founder at @appvetica * ex. IBM, Agora, XS2TheWorld,Yipme

ID 5614

Oguz Serdar

Co-founder of @limk. Self taught, full-stack developer since he was 14. Formerly writer for @the-next-web. Judge @startupchile. @rockstart alumni.

ID 83274

Ali Orod Zandifar

Now @3vr-security and @viblio , Worked at @gauss-surgical-1, @set-media • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 20662

Micha Hernandez van Leuffen

Cofounder and CEO of @wercker. Did CompSci and BA. CompSci thesis at @university-of-san-francisco. Hacker Entrepreneur. Making development life easier.

ID 92612

Ozer Dolekoglu

Co-Founder of @limk. Building a smarter content marketing platform for future. Part of @startupchile & @rockstart. Obsessed about design, UX - UI.

ID 12075

Stefan Borsje

Cofounder / CTO at @karma. Previously founded and @shallibuy-it.

ID 234574

Guilherme Coelho

Product UX • Worked at @google

ID 628363

Steven Schuurman

Founder @springsource, @elasticsearch • Worked at @sogyo

ID 116752

Thomas Lee


Game Developer w/ passion for Art + Technology, emerging platforms, and community driven ecosystems on connected devices. VR Enthusiast & Evangelist @wemolab

ID 167383

Stan P. van de Burgt


Entrepreneur, Angel; Co-founder of @watchmouse (acquired by CA Technologies), @q-go (acquired by Rightnow/Oracle), DMO, @cloudspeakers, Geobrand;

ID 147423

Joost Elfering

Web development piñata. Think it, Design it, Build it! Working on startups that are try to make a dent in the world.

ID 321537

Radek Duda

Co-founder of @logistadvise

ID 322062

Alexander Raginsky

Software Engineer. Co-founder of NLP People. Worked at TomTom, Intel and IDF.

ID 193815

Daniël W. Crompton

Former Security Consultant. Developer with a love of Mashups and Folksonomy. Serial Entrepreneur. Worked at RSA, Sun, and RTL.

ID 324337

Jimmy James

Started creating websites when 10 years old. Working for Peerby

ID 169375

Travis Dunn

Software engineer w/15yrs experience in web architectures, distributed computing, security, data modeling and analysis, devops, and product/platform development

ID 111388

Tijs Teulings

Founder @automatique • Worked at @framfab, @skipintro • Studied at @university-of-amsterdam

ID 6085

Jeroen Van Duffelen

Cofounded Widescript, Engineer @nodejitsu. Currently pushing bounderies with tech and science-based startups.

ID 549724

Nikos Zinas

Lead Frontend engineer with strong architectural affinity. Web enthusiast, passionate about web standards and best practices.

ID 551453

Lawrence Chernin

Data Miner, Research, puzzle lover

ID 224277

Denis Duvauchelle

Founder & CEO @twoodo. Ambitious entrepreneur with a vision focused on growth and innovation.

ID 381772

Ameenuddin Atif Mohammed

Full Stack Developer, Analyst, Automation Expert, 2013 Marketing Patent Application

ID 175747

Giovanni Gaglione

Computer engineer, focused on Data Science and entrepreneurship

ID 747039

Thomas Moulia

I'm a software engineer working on communications products. I'm especially curious about email -- despite itself, it's integral to my life.

ID 19340

Dwight Gunning

Tech Adventurer. Advisor at @sntmnt. Founder & CEO @revirda. Global Facilitator @startupweekend.

ID 25669

Evgenios Skitsanos

CEO at @skitsanos Inc. Strong Business Development background, running multiple international IT projects worldwide. Startups Mentor.

ID 546099

Rene Pot

Entrepreneur - Javascript Mobile & Web engineer

ID 276028

Rick Boerebach

Co-Founder @zeef-com and @eat-to-meet. Background in affiliate marketing and  development. Previously worked at @m4n and @zanox.

ID 333755

Pelle ten Cate

Founder @occasion

ID 181443

Natalia Pavlova

Founder @snapswap • Worked at @deutsche-bank, @valuecommerce

ID 134287

Thomas Purnell-Fisher

CEO/Founder @veezy. Past: Head of @youtube on TV, Product Director @netflix, 2 previous startups • Studied Cinema-TV at @university-of-southern-california

ID 512060

Bartek Ogryczak

M.Sc. CS, cloud engineer specializing in back-end scalability, Python guru.

ID 172245

Rogier Pennink

Co-Founder @syndicateplus-1, +7 years developer experience. PHP, .NET, Java, Databases. Passion for building & playing games.

ID 30327

Marcel de Graaf

Co-founder at Shall I Buy, Ruby Developer at Wakoopa

ID 237928

Joost Schouten

CTO of Yanomo, 12+ years experience with scalable java web-app's

ID 353722

Raoul Grosser

CEO of ReleaseNetworks & ReleaseTech, Application Developer at OXGEOS - Oxford Geo-Social Technologies, Ltd., Worked for Excerpta Medica BV, TM Websoft Inc, NHN

ID 73979

Bill Zimmerman


Co-founder and technology guy at Venture Capital for Africa (VC4Africa). Founder of ActivSpaces, Cameroon's first technology incubation space. Board member of the AfriLabs Foundation. Formerly an engineer at Visio and @microsoft.

ID 266491

Kaydannik Alex

Founder @wishdates • Worked at @cupid-plc, @mads-com • Studied at @national-mining-university-of-ukraine

ID 731065

Jaideep Khandelwal

Full stack developer, web applications, backend

ID 310447

Dennis van der Vliet

Founder of (@prdotco), experienced RoR and PHP developer with a keen eye for the product.

ID 196651

Nick Mulder


Founder, CEO of @fitto MSc. Business Intelligence BSc. Finance.

ID 493125

Anna Sirota

Studied at @lomonosov-moscow-state-university-1

ID 307946

Bram Rongen

Head of development at @3d-hubs; Studied Business & IT.

ID 86456

Daniel McPherson

Founder of @attini, Social Software for SharePoint

ID 645560

Willem Wijnans

I build tech teams with a bleeding edge

ID 140999

Robin Schuil

Co-founder of Ykoon / (acquired by @ebay in 2004) / current: Innovation Program Manager @ebay Classifieds

ID 36722

Glenn Wolters

ID 332205

Simone Potenza

Founder @konnektid

ID 566482

Peyman Shojaei

Founder Vembler • Worked at @hyves-nl, @telegraaf-media-groep • Studied at @university-of-amsterdam

ID 167821

Elmar Gasimov

Founder @bungaloow, @olympicgamesrental • Worked at @bskyb, @connectid • Studied at @university-of-california-irvine, @queen-mary-london

ID 652520

Daan Aerts

Heart for Education and Empowerment. Founder&CEO @ One Click Donate • Worked at @ W.P. Carey. Environmental Engineer.

ID 127602

Octavian Cioaca

CSSensei - I code user journeys since 2006

ID 434758

Jelle van der Ploeg

Startup-addict, programmer and founder. All-rounder with experience in finance, management, sales, marketing and application development! Inspired by NEW ideas.

ID 774750

Breght Boschker

CTO By Day, Geek by night. Product guy, passionate nerd, business developer,  tech strategist & mentor and motorbike enthusiast.

ID 91975

Thijs Zoon

Chief Technical Officer

ID 526515

Yuri Levitsky

Javascript and .NET developer

ID 690837

Pieter Jong

Founder @yoin-vision Motivated and tech minded entrepreneur | Master Information Science

ID 175184

Ronald Treur

Co-founder @snowciety • Studied Computer Sciences at @universiteit-utrecht

ID 127616

Wouter Mooij

Founder @wercker • Worked at @capgemini, @basket-builders • Strong combination of operations and software development.

ID 269200

Pablo Román

ID 431858

João Alves

A 22y old Software Engineer from Portugal, working @cupenya. Loves football, computer science and Portugal.

ID 216426

James Graves

Founder, Lead Software Engineer and C/C++, iOS, Javascript Developer

ID 286146

François-Louis Mommens

Web entrepreneur and software engineer with 14 years experience working for startups in various countries. Worked as a CTO. Crawling and data mining expert.

ID 322512

Rajat Mani Thomas

Wrote a highly parallel code for transport of light in the early Universe. Information theoretic models of abnormal interactions in Autistic brains.

ID 630306

Omkar Vedpathak

Full-stack software engineer, Oxford Engineering Major with prior experience in Automotive Engineering.

ID 259959

Iwein Fuld

Founder@StarterSquad • Worked at @springsource, @xebia • Specialties: distributed development, scaling software, teams.

ID 241656

Rotem Rubnov

Serial entrepreneur @100gramsapps, @psngrapp, @gopublicapp - founder, developer • worked @tomtom-international, @comverse-technology • @technion-israel

ID 286532


co-Founder Questionise. Developer, tech strategy, project manager and problem solver.

ID 191133

Aldo Bucchi

I build stuff. Backend Hacker. UX Artist. Innovation advisor for >1B corporations. Organized 100+ Meetups. Built 50+ Enterprise projects.

ID 311873

Ralph van Slooten

Founder & CTO of Anywhere. Student Media Technology. Passionate about Programming and Technology.

ID 344509

Łukasz Harężlak

Software developer, data miner, design freak, investor

ID 362919

George Boutsioukis

Imperial College graduate student; worked at CERN

ID 512868

Dario Chiappetta

Cum Laude BSc and MSc degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence; Worked in IBM; Founder&dev of; musician with stage experience.

ID 450943

Dinos Theodorou

Web software engineer MSc Computer Science Graduate

ID 32506

Jaap van Nes

Founder @stuvia. Tech guy with business mind.

ID 397120


Founder of and Flatland Industries, i'm an expert on big data.

ID 658729

Jeroen van Gassel

Experienced in participating and leading business performance projects. Expert in translating customer demands into cool products. MBA in Business & IT

ID 429821

Anouar El Haji

Founder @ Veylinx | PhD candidate @ Amsterdam Business School

ID 357826

Mihai Morariu

Student at the University of Amsterdam, working in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning

ID 11973

Jose Gomez de Lara

Engineer, Designer and Founder at Radical Graphics Studios • Worked at Microsoft, Sony and TomTom• Studied at Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Universidad Europea Madrid

ID 467009

Etienne Noreau-Hebert

Founder and CTO of @liine • Worked at @vantrix • Studied at @university-of-montreal • Maker of things

ID 501777

Ludo H

CTO / Lead Developer. I can build anything and can make it look awesome. Recently scratch build a custom framework for an elite social network.

ID 347154

Thijs Cobben

Entrepeneur, CTO, VPoE, Development Director, Senior Web Developer looking for startup

ID 754097

Alexander Medvednikov

I'm a Web Developer passionate about Go with 6 years of development experience. My last employer was I live in the Netherlands.

ID 249411

Javier Venegas

Mobile developer at Google

ID 227901

Tiziano Perrucci

ID 806969

Anastasia Borovykh

Mathematics Bachelor, Quantitative Finance Master, experience & interest in mathematics, programming and finance

ID 804166

Pierluigi Dalla Rosa

I’m an interaction designer and an engineer. I bring ideas to life in the digital and physical world.

ID 372174

Khizar Naeem

Works at @syndicateplus-1, BMW Group Netherlands and Web Host Daddy

ID 461022

Jurriaan Kraak

Lead Content Developer - UU - TiasNimbas Business School - Sungkyunkwan University - Creative yet business minded - Focused on adding value

ID 92808

Garm Lucassen

Future Master Business Informatics, get it done by just doing it, draws over the lines, published academic. RoR dev @InspireNL

ID 553477

Joost de Vries

Hacker/Co-founder at CloseAlert

ID 285488

Ron Jones

I am a veteran Art Director/Designer from the publishing industry who recently trained as a full-stack rails developer at General Assembly.

ID 369185

Jaap Van Der Meer

Freelance Ruby on Rails / Javascript Developer @ Ape55, Saxophonist @ Trenchcoat

ID 292646

Emre Turan

Founder @kahve-falmania • Worked at @triodor-r-d, @hunite • Studied at <a data-type='NewTag' data-id='80112'>@istanbul-university BİLGİ</a>, @istanbul-university

ID 782221

Rutger Prins

Delft CS degree, with full stack and devops experience. Loves open source and likes to stay up to date in the latest technologies.

ID 438530

Armand Parris

Founder @lumutar, @Sirrapa Software Integration • Worked at @anwb, @ing, @Air France KLM

ID 553334

Aukjan van Belkum

Strong in Emerging Technologies; Broad knowledge and experience across the IT landscape; Agile & DevOps are key!

ID 655562

Varvara Tzika

MSc in Software Engineering at the UvA. Software process and full stack software development.

ID 781825

Richard Torenvliet

ID 92378

Ionut Popa

Frontend developer at

ID 678097

Paul Groth

thinking links, remixing knowledge, provenance, data, espresso?

ID 621372

Vijay Sharma

ASIC Design Engineer [LSI Corp.] Researcher in String Theory (Mirror Symmetry - AdS/CFT), TQFT, Quantum Computation, Non-Commutative and Algebraic Geometry

ID 399030

Steffan Williams

I am a front-end developer from South Wales, currently based in Amsterdam and working for the mobile website team at

ID 706114

Pablo Rodriguez

ID 183312

Klaas van der Molen

Founder @fundo • Worked at @asml

ID 789312

Artem Tyurin

Building complex front-end apps

ID 372011

Samuel Goodwin

I make software and people better at what they do.

ID 106258

Auke van Scheltinga

Software engineer with passion for disruptive startups

ID 145861

Dennis Paagman

Works at @springest

ID 213014

Miha BatiC

Analytical person who wants to solve business problems; business ideas contemplator

ID 495494

Sander van Knippenberg

Change and process Manager at HCL; Worked at various international ISP's (Easynet, Tele2-Versatel); Philosopher of Science, Technology, and Society.

ID 162919

Sjoerd Mulder

Founder of @sagent-io • Worked at @backbase • Studied at @hogeschool-van-amsterdam

ID 559127

Alexander Rulkens

I love to work on the forefront of technology and has an affinity with startups. He founded his own company, designed and implemented 10+ online tools.

ID 91423

Gillis van den Broeke

Data scientist with experience as operations director in digital agency.

ID 278453

Rory Koehein

Javascript engineer. Experience with long-lived single page applications (with AngularJS) to ephemeral 'experience-type' web pages (games and campaigns).

ID 431005

Matthijs van Henten

All-round creative developer with experience in building high-traffic, scalable websites serving millions of users. Full-stack, DevOps, team management, node.js

ID 731621

Frederieke van der List

Op zoek naar afstudeerstage in richting Big Data

ID 213160

Randy Drielinger

Founder @aboutdj, @prose-1 • Worked at @interactive-intelligence • Studied at @inholland-hogeschool

ID 236181

Melvin Roest

Master CS Track: Multimedia & Web Technology; Exploring a bit of Javascript, jQuery, OpenGL, Objective-C, PHP, Python and C, 200 to 300% study load

ID 332020

Jochem de Boer

Strong background in Statistics and on a powermove to become an even stronger coder

ID 280803

Pepijn Senders

Worked at @hoobz

ID 605455

Félix Mattrat

French expatriate in Amsterdam, full stack developer with a good knowledge in system administration, I love inspiring projects.

ID 706516

Theodoros Anastasopoulos

Junior Network Engineer, worked for UC3M University as research assistant

ID 406968

Michel Jansen

Generalist UX Designer, Researcher & Technologist. Making the right things for the right people through rapid iteration. Worked at Syzygy, Lokku, Siemens, Nedap

ID 222765

Magnus Dahl

Mobile developer specializing on the Android platform and related technologies. Write well-written, well-documented, well-tested code or not at all.

ID 204514

Steffen Vollert

Partnerships specialist at Adyen.

ID 666627

yiota kontz

Master Student in Computer Science

ID 280554

José M. Viña Rebolledo

Developer, Analyst, Physicist, Simplifier

ID 580123

Joost Baaij

I create Internet.

ID 28109

Sebastian Herrlinger

Experienced lead developer. Worked on social media platforms and video streaming technology. Open Source enthusiast.

ID 493883

Peter Pal Koszta

Founder @yippie Experienced in single-page web application frontend and backend development. Fan of @coffeescript.

ID 335276

Ramya Raghavan

Co-founder Socilatz, Test Lead at ServiceNow. Worked at Symphony Services

ID 91992

Abdullah Ibrahim

A fulltime/freelance application developer, very passionate about web standards, have created websites that are used by many people in daily life.

ID 314633

Rafael Tabosa

Co-founder at @tjunks. Worked at Tomtom.

ID 861377

Deepak Chhetri

I am an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake. 

ID 856781

Michael Andersen

Allround DevOps/Developer/Product Owner looking for a creative high pressure challenge

ID 213770

Michel Dufrasnes

Founder and CIO @holland-haptics. Worked @csm, @inter-access, @staffplanning, @content, @siemens. Strong in innovation, R&D, strategy and implementation, getting things done, making technology work and knowledge accessible to improve business processes,

ID 720950

Wilson Felipe Pereira

trying to be generalist, passion for Operating System

ID 64104

aris giachnis

Full stack developer for EU Commission, co-founder of @boothchat , Verkil.

ID 110392

Luca Canducci

Agile Web Developer

ID 499746

Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel

Python programmer (well, programmer of other languages as well, and learner of several). Senior developer @ Hyves, with an M.Sc. in machine learning.

ID 457158

Prateek Pandey

Launched Selection Benchmarking tool, which crawls Seller sites and extracts selection information. Used as one of the critical component in business analytics at Junglee

ID 289073

Luis A. Gomez

Web Developer at Spil Games. Back-end background. Constantly trying to improve my craft.

ID 145151

Gerard Braad

F/OSS & IT Consultant. Multidisciplinary developer with a unique blend of creative, managerial and technical talents. Experienced developing software for Linux and Windows

ID 176579

Bastian Lengert

iOS Developer worked at @layar-1, @booking-com-2. @leap-motion and @oculus-rift enthusiast.

ID 394689

Marco De Nadai

Software engineer, data scientist and startup enthusiast.

ID 284837

Thijs D'Hulster

Student . #NMCT .  . New Media . Web . Design . Development

ID 790150

Leigh Pointer

ID 694519

Vasileios Papadopoulos

Specialist in C++, Internet and Wireless networks architecture and Computer Vision. Contributed as C++ engineer in European projects : EnLight, iJoin, Crowd.

ID 97540

michael van der weg

Co-founder of @joinbox. distributed systems, machine learning, javascript, dogecoin & more.

ID 817980

Pepijn de Vos

Yak shaver

ID 852939

jochem van der spek

3 iOS apps, worked at European Design Center, specialist in graphics coding, teacher at University of Amsterdam, speak C/C++/OpenGL/Javascript/WebGL

ID 690317

Anton Miselaytes

Web developer

ID 634604

Jieke Pan

Senior Software Engineer and Feature Owner at Infor.

ID 756757

Roman Useinov

Java pro; Worked at, and many other places.

ID 781857

N R S Sravanthi Chakka

Software tester with 2 years experience

ID 735105

Eugene Markine

Ruby/RoR, Java/J2EE, Eclipse/RCP, C/C++, Cryptography/PKI, SQL, HTML/HAML, CSS/SCSS, Javascript/JQuery, Interactive Broker/TWS/IB API, Binary/Options, Futures

ID 7568

Tijmen Brommet

Founder @goboat, freelance Rails consultant in Amsterdam with a strong interest in user experience.

ID 744524

Sudhir Singh

Data Anlytics, Business Development, Sales, IT Startegy, TCS

ID 708737

Tobias Friedrich

Test Engineer

ID 578623

Alex Petrosidis

Entrepreneur, web developer, chef, traveller, father and much more.

ID 556822

Jonathan Devine

Software Developer (Java, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js)

ID 287768

Arno Zwaag

Being a perfectionist (and a scope creeper) i'm always searching for the best possible solution to offer my clients. Only restrained by time and budget.

ID 848592

Alex Catalan Sanchez

ID 160302

Niels Dequeker

Worked at @socialexpress • Studied at @hogeschool-west-vlaanderen-simon-stevin

ID 459537

Jordan Salazar

ID 529680

Dan Lazarescu

Web Developer/UX Designer/Product Manager

ID 638321

Gábor Berényi

software engineer / mobile app developer, developing mostly for Android phones and tablets in Java and C++ on a Linux box

ID 563521

Guilherme Medeiros

Self-taught front-end developer, javascript expert, angular.js lover <3

ID 655139

Robin Maree

ID 485447

Arron Bailiss

Software & hardware engineering, high tech, business development, project management.

ID 557229

Farid el Nasire

22 years old and nearly 10 years of experience crafting web-applications in PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery.

ID 872766

Devin Bayer


ID 494044

Mike Ryan

DevOps and Cloud specialist. Automation, performance and cost efficiency are my main areas of focus.

ID 465950

Ondrej Kroupa

Mobile App Developer at, Senior Android Developer at Liftago, Founder of, worked as Chief Android Developer at eMan, mobile apps agency

ID 438600

Eimantas Kasperiūnas

ID 499877

Ben Gras

Experienced systems programmer (OS, C)

ID 501204

Pieter Flikweert

Product Development Manager @Marktplaats

ID 488986

Daniel Wichers

A walking idea factory talking about creative solutions while helping people with doing what needs to be done.

ID 547750

Taras Kalapun

10+ years of IT problem solving.

ID 874355

Đorđe Grbić

ID 647398

Chloe Brouzes

Major in Software Engineering looking for an internship before last year of Master degree

ID 597754

Alexandre Gravem

Ruby developer interested in distributed systems and machine learning. Led small but very productive teams delivering great software.

ID 422498

Mauro Mandracchia

Full Stack Developer, JavaScript Lover, Front-End 3x, Node.JS, CI. With strong business background.

ID 398233

Taufik Hidayat

ID 101838

Ravindra Harige

Student Researcher in Semantic Web, Worked at @technicolor, @deri

ID 75095

Muhammad Yunus

CEO Muhammad Yunus Group. Student of Business Administration in State Polytechnic of Ujung Pandang. Worked at Astamedia Group. Blogger

ID 81927


fuckccccc вапв вапв апвапвапвапвапв вапвапвап

ID 242199

Jurre Stender

ID 333424

Mike Pagé

Young entrepreneur @Nedwave, web developer and passionate about design, startups and technology

ID 247960

Jorian Bos

New Media Specialist // Online Marketing Consultant "Using technology to enhance your business"

ID 390232

Carla Almeida

Web Design & Development Student

ID 102164

Frank Roor

Co-Founder @ticketswap

ID 64158

Manny Becerra

Software Engineer / Web Developer out of Reno, NV for Tesla Motors. I am passionate about solving complex problems with efficient and eloquent solutions.

ID 94033

Farid el Nasire

19, Geek entrepreneur, Webdeveloper, Tech blogger, Speaker, Proud Moroccan, huge Spotify addict and a professional Airguitarist.

ID 73310

Marc Worrell

CTO at @maxclass / Maximonster; Freelancer; Erlang hacker; Broad technical background; Creator of Zotonic.

ID 245546

Mário Silva

Perl Developer

ID 196730

Norbert Crombach

Data Engineer

ID 264025

Redouan Aouragh

Junior developer

ID 102174

Ruud Kamphuis

Founder @ticketswap

ID 200860

Maarten van Wijck

Founder Musicxip. My 3rd Music startup. I work to alllow Musicians to become Pros and Monetize music. International MBA at the University of Groningen (NL)

ID 211190

Tim de Jong

Founder @publishing-suite

ID 131332

R. Budiman

CEO of ICACTIVE a young interaction design company that works on web dev., online marketing, and multimedia. Strong Design & Project Management Background.

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