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ID 439080

Richard Kastelein

Digital Strategist, Innovation Catalyst, Writer, Entrepreneur, FRSA

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 117297

Patrick Perlmutter

Head up product & marketing @infinit. Former EIR @lecamping. BA @college-of-william-and-mary. MBA @hec-paris. Experience working @apple.

ID 193571

Lizzie Shupak

Works at @lbi International - developing Global Innovation proposition, Partner in @Wok+Wine - focus on bus dev development• Studied at @University of Cambridge

ID 134924

Remco Janssen

Startups need PR, I can make that happen.

ID 50725

Milan Van Den Bovenkamp

Connecting and enabling people through communities and technology. Experienced startup founder, expert in crowd funding and mobile.

ID 97138

Lori Sloan

Outreach Producer@Noujaim Films | Director of Communications @openlabel | 13 yrs @microsoft: project/prog.mgt, web mgt, localization, marketing, writing/editing

ID 196698

Alexandra Nikolova

Founder @eventyard • ex VP Marketing at @xs-software • Marketing specialist turned entrepreneur • Code First: Girls alumni • Forbes Bulgaria's "30 under 30"

ID 269737

Ernstjan Albers


Founder & Managing Partner @ advertising agency. Works for global brands like, Microsoft, ING, Monster and Amstel.

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 30999

Robbert Bos


Product guy @bux. Ex Head of Mobile @spil-games'. Established E*Trade in the Netherlands. MBA HKU/LBS

ID 73157

Pepijn De Visscher

Founder Ideedock. Studied economics in the Netherlands and the US. Passionate about entrepreneurship and creativity. Loves hitchhiking. Climbed Kilimanjaro.

ID 6958

Dustin Bryant

UX/UI Designer

ID 56699

Michiel Verberg

Founder & CEO at @whatser

ID 54275

Jonathan Lee

Leading New BizDev at | Dealmaker, strategist, technology enthusiast | Founded and sold a start-up while at Duke MBA

ID 388067

Cristian David Bello

Business, 5 years entrepreneurship experience. CEO & co-founder of Bomberbot, ex-associate of Socialatom Ventures, one of the top accelerators in Latin america.

ID 2794


Helped over 30 VC-backed start ups with European business development, market entry strategy, online marketing, MBA, several European languages

ID 127736

Berend van Hemel

MBA, during last 15 years have helped 30 digital companies with growth: strategy, market research, online marketing, partner search and general management.

ID 377693

Salvador Severich

CMO of @signaturit

ID 165255

David Griffin

Customer Happiness Fanatic | Veteran BD, Sales & Marketing Director | Start-up Growth, Community, Operations | Serial Entrepreneur

ID 705140

Tamara Obradov

Harvard MBA, seasoned online/ecommerce director/consultant, broad experience in fashion ecomm

ID 51054

Sander Olislagers

CEO of AVdirect, 1st online rental platform for comparing and renting out audio visual equipment. Specialist in cross media concept development and e-marketing

ID 134027

Gabriel McIntyre

Head of Innovation @ Indie-Amsterdam. Award winning Alternate Reality Games, Commercials, Mobile Apps & Social Media Marketing. College of arts teacher, 12 yr.

ID 64603

Jonathan Petrino

Interactive Marketer/Business Strategy Professional. Web 3.0 Data Proponent. Worked at @expedia & @thomson-reuters. Currently at @responsys. Marine Corps Veteran.

ID 276028

Rick Boerebach

Co-Founder @zeef-com and @eat-to-meet. Background in affiliate marketing and  development. Previously worked at @m4n and @zanox.

ID 705115

Luqman H


Investment enthusiast. Commodity trading and marketing for a Fortune 100 company. Seeking opportunities in startups, equities, bonds and forex. NUS/Yale/UBC.

ID 69978

Jan Willem Van der Meer

Chief Commercial Officer at Paylogic

ID 141746

Gregory DSouza

Thinker | Tinkerer. Bombay Boy - World Explorer - left Nike to found Fastr, Inc.

ID 475163

Will van der Vaart

ID 303256

Lisanne Buik

Founder / CEO of VanChefs. Business background (Ahold, Harvest), MSc RSM 2011, food freak.

ID 150196

Casper Oppenhuis de Jong

Marketing Manager Amsterdam @uber | Political Economy @university-of-birmingham '11

ID 456916

Wout Laban

Marketing/growth hacking @ Gibbon

ID 52571

Joaquim Valente

Engineering and MBA background; Entrepreneur since 2007; Startup experience in Silicon Valley and Amsterdam; 5 years experience working for other companies

ID 70688

Phil Gillman

Partner, Co-Founder and CEO of Siberia. Experience Designer, Programmer, Copywriter, Creative Director, Suit.

ID 362976

Eiso Vaandrager

Worked at several VC's investing in cleantech companies both in Europe and the US. Worked on projects like Nuna1 solarcar, Formula Zero.

ID 645560

Willem Wijnans

I build tech teams with a bleeding edge

ID 129833

David Iwanow

This is the real me... no not the other me...

ID 62458

Jinan Alrawi

Quota-exceeding sales manager, Jury member of Women in Sales Award 2013, Online marketing expert, International, Multilingual, S.F.S.U Bachelor's of Science 1991.

ID 171569

Rob Hermans

Finance MBA turned internet entrepreneur @achieved . Experienced in corporate & startup world. Learning and development enthusiastic. Coding right now.

ID 196651

Nick Mulder


Founder, CEO of @fitto MSc. Business Intelligence BSc. Finance.

ID 555599


MSc Corporate Communication Student

ID 212641

George Teiosanu

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Strategist, currently working as Digital Operations Director @ Kommerzio and building - the eCommerce Resource Hub.

ID 774750

Breght Boschker

CTO By Day, Geek by night. Product guy, passionate nerd, business developer,  tech strategist & mentor and motorbike enthusiast.

ID 388786

Thomas van Halen

MSc | Worked around the world; The Netherlands, Vietnam, Kenya | Trained by McKinsey, BCG and ATKearney | Now working for VC4Africa

ID 742272

Petraea Jansons

A sales-driven and dynamic individual with a career focusing on multichannel marketing and business development which enhances company image and increases ROI.

ID 10911

Oz Har Adir

Studied at @university-of-california-davis, @erasmus-university-rotterdam

ID 481247


Worked at @best-western-international, @canon-europe • Studied at @university-of-virginia, @hyper-island

ID 363479

Christina Franken

An Architect turned Marketeer, Ad Woman & Concept Designer. In Love w/ #MobileMedia #3DPrint #OpenData

ID 219787

Walewein Lichtenauer


Chief Commercial Officer at DTG, Owner/ Co-Founder of Nebula Nova. Strong global business background (Dell, Sitel, Sykes Enterprises).

ID 446427


Psychology, Economics, Equity Investments, Marketing Research

ID 196915

PJ Verhoef

Marketing Technology Strategist, specialized Location Based Marketing. Founder of 2 companies, managed 3 others. Degrees in Business (BBA) & Humanities (MA)

ID 348123

Bozhan Chipev

Worked at @cupenya • Studied at @university-of-amsterdam, @american-university-in-bulgaria

ID 307736

Oliver Kern

Co-founder @tinyloot • Board Advisor • Mobile Marketing Consultant • mobile UA Specialist • Growth Hacker

ID 340057

Andrea Francis

Marketing/PR with Twoodo, the ultimate online collaboration tool.Enthusiastic growth hacker & tech/entrepreneurship/community blogger.

ID 377623

George WM

Entrepreneurial 22y/o graduate of @university-of-st-andrews. Previous @kpmg, RGS and within marketing and events.

ID 364508

Mira Gleisberg

Founder The Upside Club • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @spotzer-media-group • Studied at @university-of-leiden

ID 399932

Stijn van Lieshout

Analytical Marketer (Msc Digital Marketing @UCD) | Growth hacker | Certified Google Partner | SEO expert | Digital strategist @bouncespace | Self-taught coder

ID 98322

Joris Blankers


dutch founder and investor. Strong busines background (RSM /Erasmus -

ID 348032

Olga Tserjomuskina

Expertise in sales, training, consulting. Worked for Ernst&Young. MSc University of Amsterdam.

ID 737493

Lloyd Miner

Digital marketing specialist with 10 years global experience working on start ups, major corporations, tech, health and financial services. Strategist & UX-er

ID 202852

Ivelin Iliev

Studied at @university-of-groningen, @city-university-of-seattle

ID 188946

Piotr Bakker

Freelance user experience designer specializing in iOS and SaaS.

ID 533348

Algirdas Desceras

Online marketer, market analyst and chief food supply manager. M.Sc. Business Administration graduate @vu-university-amsterdam

ID 668645

Nan Shi

TUDelft Msc Technical Management. Ahold International trainee: ecommerce project manager/product owner & assistant manager at AH. Fluent in CHIN ENG and Dutch.

ID 707289

Marcella Koehorst

Amsterdam Business School graduate, experienced traveller, ready for a new adventure & to be back in business.

ID 640574

Minha Lee

ID 817612

Sara Chiarello

ID 211823

Ivan Mak

Founder @mlsdev

ID 336498

Peter Pernet

Founder @songflow. Background in business (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), Music and Software (Certified Scrum Master). 2nd startup.

ID 736304

Megan Harris

Marketing at Cupenya, MSc from UvA

ID 801657

Arjan Rietveld

M.Sc. in Business Studies.

ID 268139

Tom Seuren

Managing Director at Offerti. Very skilled in online marketing, analytics and reporting and product management. Co-Founder at EventInArea.

ID 485610

Adriaan Mensink

Country Manager Parku • Worked at PostNL, TNT, United Nations• Studied at Utrecht University

ID 413337

Varia Makagonova

MSc Psychology; advertising-trained marketing strategist. Did not work at Google.

ID 483695

Thijs van Herkhuizen

Mobile product strategist with experience in startups, ecommerce in mobile and web enviroment.

ID 652520

Daan Aerts

Heart for Education and Empowerment. Founder&CEO @ One Click Donate • Worked at @ W.P. Carey. Environmental Engineer.

ID 434758

Jelle van der Ploeg

Startup-addict, programmer and founder. All-rounder with experience in finance, management, sales, marketing and application development! Inspired by NEW ideas.

ID 443698

Valer Merenyi

International business developer, sales and marketing of everything digital. Financial Services expert with 20 yrs experience. RSM Executive MBA.

ID 334946

Nikolay Georgiev

Highly self motivated individual; excellent research, organizational, and interpersonal skills; ability to work in team; responsible and loyal, analytical person with problem-solving ability and creative thinking. Interested in brand building and brand m

ID 375829

Carl Lens

digital strategist

ID 73709

Quinn Roukema

Co-Founder, Co-Founded, Alum Student Brand Manager at Red Bull. Good with people, words and obstacles. No-nonsense, creative and lean.

ID 267943

Stephan Alspeer

Solving the gap between event-driven travelers and hotel bookings.

ID 306555

Tristano Vacondio

Marketing Manager

ID 406079

Laura Bell

Music Producer and Manager. Managed Australia's largest Independent Record Label at 26 and is looking for a new challenge in Europe.

ID 347154

Thijs Cobben

Entrepeneur, CTO, VPoE, Development Director, Senior Web Developer looking for startup

ID 461022

Jurriaan Kraak

Lead Content Developer - UU - TiasNimbas Business School - Sungkyunkwan University - Creative yet business minded - Focused on adding value

ID 512135

Barbara Putman Cramer

Curious communicator (BSc Comms & Msc Industrial Ecology), focus on applying creativity for food/wellbeing; awarded Upcoming Trendwatcher; TEDx speaker.

ID 367246

Alan Ryan

Communications and PR Advisor | Political Communicator | Marketing Strategist

ID 476747

Jeffrey Kloezeman

Commercial Economics Digital Publishing & Entrepeneurship and Innovation student, tech enthousiast and business developer at an Online marketing Agency

ID 301654

Martijn Jegerings

Digital Marketing Expert; Works at @protest-boardwear & @frsh-magazine. Worked at @philips. Been starting up businesses since 2006.

ID 585531

Alex Celer

Native British, International graduate. Economics & Finance. International exp: Singapore, Poland, The Netherlands

ID 794487

Simona Conti

Native italian speaker with a Master Degree in Brand Communication. 1 year experience in Marketing/Advertising sector in an international enviroment.

ID 555553

Monika Kauliūtė

Master student in UvA. Social media nerd. Fashion and lifestyle admirer. Beginner in (super)fooding and healthy living.

ID 393152

Marloes van Leersum

Brand builder, experience in largest telecommunications brands in Benelux, Europe

ID 347416

Julien Berthomier

Business Development Track at Boston Startup Institute. University of Amsterdam graduate in entrepreneurship. Ex Philips SRM. Looking to achieve more with less.

ID 794329

Ines Buskermolen

Dutch young professional, interested in innovation, business development and sustainability

ID 809051

Rosanne de Koning

Recent graduate. Educational Background in International Business and Arts and Culture. Creative thinker, Urban Theorist, Critical Theorist.

ID 289042

Tomislaw Dalic


I am Sales & Online Marketing Rockstar

ID 260198

Richard Turner

Worked on several continents, in several languages, started companies...had fun in the process and learned that 'mistakes' are opportunities.

ID 452061

Rebecca Wald

Student of International Business (Berlin); enthusiastic, positive, pro Appreciative Inquiry (AI) & Positive Psychology

ID 434513

Roderick Eeninkwinkel

Co-founder of Lumutar, founder of Background in Strategic Management & Online Marketing. Worked at ORMIT & ANWB.

ID 544352

Erik Scarcia

The guy you need for a solid and effective Marketing strategy & Community! Founder of TimeLynes

ID 832921

Robin Wouters

Taught myself how to code. Driven by innovation, creation and great user experience. Combining marketing and consumer behaviour with new media.

ID 170512

Edouard Dopper

CoFounder @scrap-connection • Worked at @rabobank • Studied at @maastricht-university and Boston College.

ID 776347

Cristina Chetrus

Fashion Merchandising and Buying

ID 831382

Yunus Emre Duyar

Freelance translator, content editor, looking to go into marketing

ID 415368

Annick Janssens

Economics and Business Economics graduate Maastricht University; Searching for a challenging internship abroad

ID 722509

Huib Stad

Marketing Manager specialized in digital marketing for automotive and consumer brands.

ID 659650

Reyndert Coppelmans

Enthusiastic kickstarter of your startup. Growth hacker, marketeer, business development and product owner.

ID 727971

Matthijs van Hilten

Graduated at Oxford University in Economic History; internships at Booz & Company (strategy) and Heineken (marketing); looking for challenge

ID 525691

Max Less

Junior planner at Perfect Fools. Strong data recording, analysis and visualisation skills with a strong storytelling background.

ID 711347

Jeroen Langendam

Founder ML Business Development, @twiganet • Worked at @accenture, @o2 • Studied at @university-of-amsterdam

ID 330347

Kees van den Bos

ID 352155

Luuk Linssen

Marketing at @fitto - MSc Marketing

ID 739739

David Lustig

ID 350564

Erik Paol

US educated, Amsterdam based media business development manager

ID 783998

Dennis van den Hoek

E-commerce and digital director with 10+ years of experience within large and small companies. Focus: team, growing sales and customer engagement (b2b and b2c)

ID 621372

Vijay Sharma

ASIC Design Engineer [LSI Corp.] Researcher in String Theory (Mirror Symmetry - AdS/CFT), TQFT, Quantum Computation, Non-Commutative and Algebraic Geometry

ID 371369


Independent and experienced e-commerce specialist for online marketing, conversion optimization and project management

ID 571378

Quinten Hoogeboom

Co-founder @goboat, investor in ICT driven innovation, tech loving, sharing economy enthusiast.

ID 566070

Michelle Chang

Multilingual speaker(Speak 6 languages), Financial professional

ID 459548

Tom van Rheeden

The non-tech generalist kind-of-guy (bizdev, sales, HR, customer support, copywriting, marketing, PR, Behavioral Economics, etc.)

ID 553435

Carlos Cabral

UADE university, Exchange student in Amsterdam (Hva, e-commerce - marketing in action), Freelancer, Party Organizer, Waiter, Photographer.

ID 229710

Eric Klaassen

Online business developer ⋅ Co-founder @bloom; Mentor @sbootcamp ⋅ Studied at @vrije-universiteit-amsterdam and @university-of-notre-dame

ID 587846

Silvia Giorgetta

Project Manager, passionate about the web field

ID 774917

Thamar van Damme

Co-founder and board member Rootzz, Master in tax law

ID 690180

Dóra Putz

Young professional with hands on experience with organising and marketing international events to C level executives

ID 842562

Elke van Eijk

Working in the biggest independent Dutch advertising agency.

ID 538596

Matthew John Shannon

Excellent people person, used to managing resources, timelines and deadlines.

ID 823488

Maria Sommer Gandarias

Spanish native speaker, fluent in English and currently studing Dutch. Experienced receptionist and shop owner (online and physical store).

ID 673113

Lisanne Sweerts

Business Process Professional at Accenture. Bachelor Business Administration, exchange semester in Seoul and internship in Hong Kong. Driven & result-oriented

ID 786263

Benine Bijleveld

MSc Persuasive Communication - University of Amsterdam. Currently looking for challenge within marketing/project management

ID 92808

Garm Lucassen

Future Master Business Informatics, get it done by just doing it, draws over the lines, published academic. RoR dev @InspireNL

ID 823367

D Vaghi

Entrepreneur and interim manager. 13+ years in on-line and e-commerce environments (travel/retail). Back from sabbatical after selling my company.

ID 303608

Björn Vennema

Delft University Mechanical Engineer, working as an innovation manager at ABN AMRO, combining business, sports and technology for a knowledge based background.

ID 781916

Benjamin Plant

International marketeer

ID 694900

Nico Samaras

Award winning Sales & Marketing Business Leader with a 12 year unbroken record surpassing sales quotas within highly competitive markets.

ID 430649

Esmee Kohler

Produceert met volle overgave | Kan volle dienbladen alleen beter laten staan | Carré Debat het summum | Wil nog zoveel meer

ID 641507

Mireille Bonapart, MA

CRM + Customer service lover. Interested in working for an inspiring startup in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Learning HTML/CSS/Python (TreeHouse/SkillCrush)

ID 443711

Samantha Williams

Adaptable and motivated graphic designer with a passion for new technology and collaborative thinking.

ID 519656

Ronald Leeuw

MSc Student at Duisenberg school of finance, internationally oriented, experience in energy trading, marketing & restaurants

ID 596338

Marina D'Ambrosio

Multilingual Business Development/ Account Manager/ Strategic Sales expert with International Experience

ID 601555

Yorick Naeff

Project Leader in Strategy Consulting for ING Group in the Netherlands

ID 843227

Lize de Vries - Hong

Hands-on Marketing & PR professional, with +5years international experience. Digital savvy, creative mind, works at Google.

ID 256105

Serdar Tonkas


ID 601524

Cuong Nguyen

Action-first entrepreneur!

ID 774799

Anne-Claire van Keulen

UvA MA New Media | Digital Channel Analyst | International U.S.A. Background | Works at Capgemini

ID 729519

Marloes Goyarts

Graduated in the science of persuasive communication. Worked at Ogilvy & Mather and Buyerminds.

ID 130896

Arka Der Stepanian

Marketing at

ID 757899

Kim Buijs

Looking for a new adventure; media, advertising, culture, events.

ID 731621

Frederieke van der List

Op zoek naar afstudeerstage in richting Big Data

ID 878517

Duncan Gidney

I'm a great photographer and videographer.  I love to problem solve and produce creative solutions.  I'm eager to learn and contribute to a team.

ID 645590

Marijn van der Linden

ID 797105

Catherina Kowsoleea

Result oriented and creative product manager with experience in Project Management and Strategy Development.

ID 820610

Alana Bonnie

Native English speaker with many years experience in Finance, now working as an e-commerce all-round Project Manager with a sideline in Marketing.

ID 872247

Gemma Albí Verdú

Campaign Manager with talent for creative idea’s, marketing skills, structuring a complex set of tasks, and managing commercial partners& influencers  globally.

ID 821137


Young Graduate, specialized in consulting, sales and international strategic marketing

ID 170180

Jelmer de Jong

Marketer for fast growing startups. Loves SaaS, eCommerce and Enterprise Software. I turn ideas into viable marketable products and tools.

ID 243664

Manon Korzelius

Social Media Management HidashHi

ID 646177

Marlon Zenden

All round Artworker/Illustrator. Worked in the video games industry as a QA Tester. Taught MBO students concept art. Bachelor of Art graduate.

ID 203645

Denis Doeland

Independent Professional (Consultant & Advisor), Passion for IP/Content/Tech/Internet/Social Media, Numerati, Maven, Disruptor, Blogger, @Rankingz and next?

ID 479638

Mourad Amrani

Highschool of Utrecht. Awarded as best salesman 2 times at UPC, marketing specialist, social media freak.

ID 320846


Multilingual Online Marketing Expert

ID 284241

Anonymous Co-founder

Co-founder Questionise. Strong background in Online Marketing and Social Media.

ID 638590

Bárbara Neves

Marketing Management at Cecadi do Brasil; MBA in Project Management; Bachelor in Design with Emphasis on Marketing

ID 601746

Ton van 't Noordende

CEO @spreadthebrand-com | Influencer marketing strategist | Marketing | A.i. Marketing Director @capital-on-stage Top-tier VC firms pitching startups

ID 553627

Nuno Pena

International Marketing & Business | Strategy | Global Branding | Innovation | Digital | Business Building | Start-Ups

ID 503835

Tiago Varandas

Interactive Art Director at B-Reel, W+K, 180.

ID 867562

Axel Robinet

pluridisciplinary understand that communication, marketing, sales, finance (for both academic and professional)

ID 297150

Laurent Dosogne

Co-founder timeplazza. CMO, Member of the board. 9 years business and marketing experience @ Philips. Studied at Solvay Business School.

ID 237088

Stephane Janson

Degrees in biotechnology and econometrics. Nominated top 60 New Zealand future leaders at age 17. Publication in Wall Street Journal Europe. Worked at ING bank.

ID 782862

Julie Sillam

Community Manager at 3D Hubs, world largest 3D printing network. Was president of a movie-fan organization for two years. Student at Edhec Business School.

ID 715352

Hilma Van Slooten

Senior all-round marketeer, online/DM, co-creating product concepts with clients. Zilveren Kruis Achmea, Gemeente Amsterdam. Innovation & result driven.

ID 799181

Joost Koopman

Graphic designer slash copywriter with a background in management. Pursuer of the creative dream. Less is more adherent. Fast learner. Firmly grounded.

ID 792485

Diederik Klaassen

Founder GrowYellow • currently expanding portfolio, supporting and funding two startups • looking for angels

ID 770865

Eduardo Anllo

ESCP MEB grad, passionate about online business and investments. Looking to bring together client focused skills in a challenging start-up project.

ID 764753

Thijs van Twisk

ID 664764

Kelly Paull

Experienced social media and digital PR specialist involved in maintaining brands' online images. Specialist in business, lifestyle and consumer brands.

ID 519047

Laura Inzaurralde Suárez


ID 836979

Toon Poelstra

ID 769850

Petra Grubic Wirtz

ID 676777

Camelia Ichim

Seeking new opportunities in Recruiting | Retail | Sales | Fashion | Customer Care

ID 856803

Roland van der Hoofd

freelance art director / designer / but most of all epicurean - AVAILABLE NOW!

ID 852445

Salim Abousallam

MSc Economics & MSc Business Studies. Freelance Brand Consultant. Worked at KPN & University of Amsterdam.

ID 761599

Venkat Iyengar

ID 235570

Gijs Bos


ID 665399

David Pivk

Digital director experienced in working with big brands

ID 711072

Sara Surh

UCSB Graduate, moving to Amsterdam and looking for a job

ID 396272

Daniel Gomes Ascensao

B.B.A. // Marketing // Country Management // Learning & Development // Business Development // 5 Languages // Startup Mentality - a piece of everything!

ID 796758

Pedro Alegria

Founder & Creative Ideator at Torke+CC (Creative Agency) - responsible for Benelux market and new business development. Lived and worked in 6 countries.

ID 746234

Steven Van Den Ingh

Experienced sales and marketing professional, strong focus on results and getting things done mentality.

ID 280645

Anderson Petrus

Business Development, International Business Plan & Operation optimization

ID 577083

Angela Siaka

Assistant Brand Manager, Carlsberg Breweries

ID 454021

Rogier Savelsberg

I am a team player, creative mindset and high level of energy. Entrepreneurial skills, interest in high-tech innovations and strong strategic capabilities.

ID 393242

Thomas Wolters

ID 382513

Diana Vaiskunaite

Sales & Marketing Assistant at Hard Rock International. Strong Social Media skills and business background, specialized in International Music, Media & Entertainment Management.

ID 605500

Olivier karg

Founder of Animodo Marketing Company, doing sales for Google photographers and supporting multiple companies with their (online) marketing.

ID 582396

Dario Scatamacchia

projects in Roma Tre University, erasmus in Berlin.

ID 498564

Bas van de Bunt

ID 515023

Alice Corona

Freelance data journalist: I have ideas. I scrape. I analyze & visualize data to tell a story. Topics:human rights,gender issues,privacy&surveillance,open data

ID 465005

Artūrs Škutāns

5th grade HTML homepage experiment.

ID 882480

Irene De Nicolo

Junior online marketer

ID 543792

Jeroen Vizir

ID 869993

Filippo Spaggiari

Bachelor student looking for internship, International Business and Management, Business administration background

ID 443818

Daan Wolff

Co-founder Scribto: App building tool. Founder Bold Data; datadriven marketing agency. 10 years of solid business experience at several Dutch enterprises.

ID 438297

Tiago Afonso

Experienced versatile Marketing/ Management professional with over 3 years experience in marketing/project management/communications roles, currently seeking opportunities in this sector

ID 488796

Ernst Hendrik Sprenger

Hotel management graduate, founder of 3 startups, Looking for international challenge.

ID 588983

Ana Silva

Translator & Copyeditor. FR, PT, ES > EN. Communications specialist. Open to internship in UX Design.

ID 878424

Romina Cumbias

Digital marketer with experience in SEO/SEA, Affiliate and email marketing, content creation, customer service, HMTL&CSS, Salesforce, SAP,Oracle Ebusiness suite

ID 865591

Joline Kool

Full stack marketeer. Out-of-the box, open-minded, honest, energetic, creative and love a good challenge.

ID 377715

Tomas Bagdonas

ACE Venture Lab marketing Intern

ID 247960

Jorian Bos

New Media Specialist // Online Marketing Consultant "Using technology to enhance your business"

ID 331501

Luke van der Wardt

Project leader - Strategic consultant in Retail Banking

ID 316460

Audrika Rakshit

ID 318761

Jakub Tomek

Founder @memrify MSc. student of at VU Amsterdam, a student of Marketing at VSE Prague. Strong marketing background. Programming enthusiast.

ID 326562

Frans Prins

Founder @beyond-berlin, @thekey-to, social entrepreneur, humanist, sustainable business expert, creative visionary

ID 137093

Reinier Winter

Global Business Executive

ID 131332

R. Budiman

CEO of ICACTIVE a young interaction design company that works on web dev., online marketing, and multimedia. Strong Design & Project Management Background.

ID 85130


European freelance web marketer. Fluent in French, Dutch and English. Worked at PIXmania (900M € revenue), and web agency Inspirational Stores. Based in Paris.

ID 305369

Katarzyna Janczur

ID 366377

Thomas Boonstoppel

Founder and eConsultant with a strong background in marketing, product and strategic management who loves to work with passionate professionals

ID 343886

Adrian Claudiu Bita

Experienced Project Manager and Media Producer,Entertainment consultant

ID 370421

Andy Howard

Accomplished Sports Industry professional with significant experience in partnership, business development and event marketing.

ID 35475

Maurits Horsman

Seasoned Business Manager with enterprise and startup experience. Strong analytical strategist and sales and business development experience.

ID 326303

Tjebbe Lodeizen

ID 331656

Peter Bruun

Got an art education project? Need interns? I am your man! Amsterdam based Accountmanager of Internships for the Amsterdam School of Arts.

ID 385685

Leonie Nijenmanting

ID 346299


Online/ Mobile Marketeer

ID 321203

Peter van Sabben

I'm an entrepreneurial marketing enthusiast with great passion for brands, startups and technology

ID 116964

Remco Hop

Entrepreneur. Interested in the world of mobile apps, online publishing and entertainment.

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